Bentonville Fire Department Donates Fire Truck To Johnston County Schools

Johnston County Public Schools students in the Fire Science Program stand with the fire truck that was donated from the Bentonville Fire Department on Nov. 19.

The Bentonville Fire Department donated one of their fire trucks for Johnston County Public Schools students to use as a mobile learning lab.

The donation directly benefits students who are enrolled in the district’s Fire Science Program by giving them hands-on experience working with an actual fire truck.

After seeing how successful the JCPS Fire Science program was, the Bentonville Fire Department decided to support it by donating a fire truck that would be out serviced.

“Our goal is to put this truck in the program so that the students get the hands on experience,” said Bentonville firefighter John Beasley. “Most of these kids will volunteer at a fire department after they graduate and get a job. This puts volunteers back into the county and that’s what we are really after.”

The JCPS Fire Science Program provides opportunity to students to earn the certifications and a degree to be employable and promotable within the ranks of the Fire Service after completion of the program.

Smithfield-Selma High student Nick Barbour stands with the newly donated fire truck from the Bentonville Fire Department.

“This truck is going to make a big difference to students in the fire program,” said Smithfield-Selma High student Nick Barbour. “We’ll get to put our hands on it, get experience, get to know it, and later on down the line understand what someone’s life could be like on this truck.”

The Fire Science program is a partnership between Johnston County Public Schools, Johnston Community College, The Office of The State Fire Marshal, and the professional men and women of the Johnston County Fire Service.