Bid Awarded For Archer Lodge Elevated Water Tank

ARCHER LODGE – A water tank was approved for construction in Archer Lodge.  Johnston County Commissioners voted this month to award a low bid of $2,047,423 to Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors LLC of Avon, Indiana to construct the 500,000 gallon elevated water tank.  The total project, including engineering and technical services will be about $2,313,820.

Due to rising construction costs, the total project was about $578,800 over initial estimates. The difference will be paid for with federal COVID funds received by the County of Johnston through the American Rescue Plan Act Fund. 

The elevated water tank will be build on the southern corner of the Archer Lodge Middle School property.  Johnston County recently received an easement from Johnston County Public Schools for use of the vacant land that is not needed for school purposes.  


  1. How does a water tower qualify for the expenditure of federal COVID funds? There’s no wonder this country is beyond broke. You can use money for anything.

    • The American Rescue Plan Act Fund specifically allows for funds to be used for infrastructure projects such as water and sewer. Nothing fishy going on here. The correct question to ask is… .why in the world is FEDERAL money being used for a LOCAL project?!?!? Why do the SOCIALIST Libs in our local government keep expecting bailouts from the FEDs? Archer Lodge should pay for their OWN upgrades — not piggy-backing on federal dollars! #StopSocialism

  2. This is a very small (half a mill) example of the waste and misuse of funds that goes on every hour of every day with out failed government.

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