Billing Error Floods Angier Water Department

Residents of Angier are warned to be on the lookout for water bills that might be incorrect this month because of a calculation problem that caused incorrect bills to be sent out to many town residents.

A citizen who lives in Angier’s Whetstone community put on the social network site Nextdoor that her bill was not right this month. Most bills are in the mail and residents are receiving them at the current time.

The citizen posted that, “I just got my water bill and contacted town hall, the bills are wrong.”

Another resident, who lives on Williams Street, reported they had the highest bill in the three year period they have lived at their home.

She also wants citizens to be aware of the problem.

“I wanted to warn everyone so you don’t have a stroke like I almost did,” she posted.

Angier Finance Officer Vanessa Young said utility rates were incorrectly calculated for residents throughout town and the issue is being resolved.

“When the town became aware of what happened, we immediately prepared notification letters to be sent to all customers and are in the process of preparing corrected bills,” Mrs. Young said “We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to the citizens of the Town of Angier.”

Mrs. Young said the normal due dates for bills will not change for August. Like in all months residents have until Aug. 20 to pay bills before any late charges will be added.

“At this point in time, it is not our intention to modify the due dates,” Mrs. Young said.  Dunn Daily Record Story