Cancer Survivor Receives Surprise Visit From Her Brother, A NC State Trooper

Tangie Hope Langston (right) and her brother, Highway Patrol Sgt. R.W. Murphy (left) with the State Highway Patrol’s HOPE Cancer Awareness patrol car.

JOHNSTON COUNTY – September 22, 2022 changed the life of Tangie Hope Langston forever.  The 50 year-old Johnston County wife and mother found a lump in her breast.  Her doctor scheduled a mammogram followed by a biopsy. On October 5 she was diagnosed with cancer.

Tangie had a lumpectomy two weeks later and started chemotherapy in November. 

Her brother, Highway Patrol Sgt. R.W. Murphy, also a Johnston County resident, wanted to do something special for Tangie. Sgt. Murphy found out April 3, 2023 was the last day Tangie had to take chemotherapy in Goldsboro. 

The State Highway Patrol has two cruisers with a pink cancer ribbon on the hood. One of the two cancer awareness patrol cars has the words “HOPE” as its license plate. Sgt. Murphy knew the HOPE cancer cruiser was the one he wanted to surprise his sister, because it’s also Tangie’s middle name.

(Left to right) Highway Patrol Sgt. R.W. Murphy surprised his sister, Tangie Hope Langston, on April 3, 2023 with the HOPE Cancer Awareness patrol car at her last chemotherapy treatment in Goldsboro.

“I knew her final day of chemotherapy was coming up. I called the chain of command and got the car secured. When I got it,  I had to hide the car because we live so close together. On her last day, I drove it to Goldsboro. All the nurses, my wife, mom, mother-in-law were all there and saw it. They put my wife and I in a separate room. When she came out to ring the bell we surprised her,” Sgt. Murphy said. “I give the glory to God that it all worked out.”

Sgt. Murphy said he wanted to do something extra special for his sister that day.  “I am so proud of her. In law enforcement we deal with a lot, we see a lot. We are state troopers because that’s what we do. But she is more of a trooper than I will ever be. She went through the battles, the chemo, she knocked it out of the park like a true champion. She is my absolute hero.”

Tangie said, “I can tell you it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The cancer journey can be overwhelming. I’ve learned more about cancer in the last seven months than I thought I would. Everyone walks a different journey but we all hope to survive.”

“Without my faith and belief in God I would not have made it. There have been so many prayers prayed over me, for me and my family. I could not have made it,” she said.

Doctors ordered Tangie to take 20 radiation treatments after her chemotherapy ended April 3.

Today, (May 19th) marks another milestone for Tangie.  “It’s my last day of radiation. I am grateful to have it behind me.”

Asked if she had a message for other women Tangie said, “Every female should get a mammogram regularly. Stay positive and hang on to your faith if you are ever diagnosed with cancer.”

As for her brother, Sgt. Murphy, and the surprise visit with the HOPE cancer awareness patrol car.  “He is definitely my hero.  They arrived on my last day of chemotherapy and when I walked around the corner to ring the bell on my last day, they were there with balloons. He was in his uniform. I was excited it was my last day, to ring the bell, and my family there to support me.”

Tangie and her husband, Michael, live in the Bentonville community and have two sons, Logan, age 26, and Landen, age 21.  They are members of Stewart’s Chapel Church near Four Oaks. 


  1. This is a wonderful story and I thank you for sharing it with all. As for you Tangie Hope Langston, I had cancer and it can be beat. I am clean since 2008. As far as you Trooper Sgt. R.W. Murphy, that was a wonderful thing you did for your sister. Again, thank you for sharing this story with everyone.

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