Carroll Pharmacy Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Friday marked the 40th anniversary of Carroll Pharmacy in Smithfield. Ethel from Smithfield was the first winner after spinning the wheel under a tent set up in front of Carroll Pharmacy.  Ethel won a Carroll Pharmacy t-shirt. She is pictured with Alan Carroll.

Numerous other prizes were awarded Friday including a 40 inch flat screen TV.

Carroll Pharmacy is a family-run and locally owned business that first opened in 1977. They are located at 840 South Brightleaf Boulevard. Their phone number is 919-934-7164.


  1. A wonderful customer focused pharmacy! My now 4 year old son has several medical conditions and to take several medications which have to be compounded. The chain pharmacies in town do not compound, and by chance if the do it is just a few medications. Carroll Pharmacy compounds every one of his medicines and I M never told “We are out , you’ll have to wait till it comes in” like at the chain pharmacies.

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