Civilian Employees Will Investigate Most Smithfield Traffic Accidents

Non-Sworn Community Safety Aid employees will assist police officers

SMITHFIELD – At the request of Police Chief Pete Hedrick, the Smithfield Town Council has agreed to hire two Community Safety Aid (CSA) employees. The non-sworn civilian employees will assist sworn officers with non-emergency calls, freeing up police to handle priority calls for service.

Chief Hedrick said the police department, on average, investigates about 70 traffic accidents each month, with only 16 of those resulting in injuries.

The new Community Safety Aid officers will be able to investigate non-injury collisions, assist at crime scenes, and work in the Evidence Room.

The new CSA officers are approved by the state. Hedrick said the Fayetteville Police Department has had great success with their CSA program.

The state requires each CSA employee to undergo 40 hours of training, a four week ride-along, plus any additional training individual police agencies may require.

Chief Hedrick said the two CSA employees will not carry weapons, but will carry mace and wear a bullet proof vest. They will primarily work hours with the highest average call volume, and the exact times have not been determined.

CSA officers will not be able to write traffic tickets at accident scenes or make arrests, but can call upon sworn officers if a traffic ticket needs to be written or a driver arrested, for example for impaired driving. They can write parking tickets.

CSA officers will wear uniforms different than what sworn Smithfield police wear. They will operate different vehicles without blue lights.

The Community Safety Aid officers, also known as Public Safety Aid (PSA) officers, will have a salary range from $37,606 to $58,289.


  1. Since when did Smithfield adopt the liberal agenda? Next you will hear is that the town hired social workers to respond to calls. I foresee a huge failure in the very near future.

    • I don’t think this is a liberal policy. Like it said, it will free up the cops to do their job better. Now they’ll finally be able to get back to beating up more black people.

  2. Remember this story with the comments of Terry Barnes noting the story of the Durham liberal that was conducting the police searce that the story link no longer esists?

    Folks remember that Smithfield powers to be hired Durham County far-left socialist progressive democrats to fill this police chief position with a hand picked social justice candidate in order to bring Smithfield NC into compliance with other big cities the likes of San Francisco, New York and Seattle.

  3. Say thanks to your new police chief!!!! Does anyone see what this guy is already doin ? He knows he can’t get anyone to become a Smithfield police officer so he wants to hire 2 people that works for the police department but they’re not called police Lol what a joke. How about just calling them top flight security!!!!! I see more state troopers taking care of car accidents than Smithfield police. Something you will always see is the police at the ABC store playing security every night !!!

    • the guys you see at the ABC store are usually off duty working security at the establishment. So they aren’t the on duty call answering officers. Which why waste money on non sworn officers, just get 2 more sworn officers that can help with all calls would seem the better choice, but Obama’s war on the police was too effective.

      • This chief is a republican. So there is no connection with him and Obama. Let’s quit using that Trump thought he was running against Obama the other night at his rally. Dang if he can’t hypnotize all of y’all

  4. Ok…I get that the police officers could definitely appreciate freeing up some much needed time, yes!!!! But the issue for me is this… let’s say I’m involved in an evening or night no-injury accident. You are telling me that I’ll be waiting in the dark for a car with no emergency LEO lights on a person (CSA officer) not wearing a traditional LEO uniform? I’m going to tell you right now….YOU WILL have some CSA “copycats” stopping people. You just will because sadly in this world there’s always one or two with the “I want to be THAT officer imitating one. Maybe I’m just jumping the gun (pun intended) but I’m not so sure I like this.

  5. If I get into an accident I want a real, trained officer on scene to write up the traffic report. I’m not trusting Paul Blart to show up and get details correct.

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