Clayton Approves Parking Ban Near School

At the request of Clayton Police, the Clayton Town Council has voted to place no parking signs near Powhatan Elementary School on Vinson Road.

Police Chief Blair Myhand said there are safety concerns regarding parents who try to avoid waiting in the carpool line in the mornings and afternoons that park on two nearby streets and jaywalk to the school. The concern is parents and children walking between cars while crossing the streets, including the heavily-traveled Vinson Road.

Monday night, the town council voted to ban parking on Hawkesburg Road from Vinson Road to the entrance to the Child Care Day Care Center and on Torrey Pines Drive from Vinson Road to the first driveway on Torrey Pines.

The new no parking signs will go up as soon as possible and enforcement efforts will begin once the signs go up.

Johnston County Schools does not have a crossing guard on Vinson Road in front of Powhatan Elementary the town said Monday night.