Clayton Police Rollout New Car Design

Rain isn’t stopping the Clayton Police Department from rolling out newly-designed patrol cars on Monday.

The first five of the freshly-decaled fleet will officially hit the streets next week.

Officers were aiming for a modern take on the traditional police car of the past called a “Black & White.”

They hope the classic color along with the modern sweeping lines will help capture the spirit of Clayton’s growing town, which turns 150 in April.

Most importantly, leaders wanted the Dodge Chargers to be instantly recognized as public-safety vehicles. They stress that drivers need to head the flashing lights of law enforcement no matter what the shade of car. All Clayton patrol cars feature “POLICE” in very large letters.

The current Clayton police cars are white, with a light blue and silver color scheme. Those will continue to patrol and will slowly be phased out over the next few years.

Clayton Police officers also recently redesigned their patch adding three white stars to honor the three fallen officers lost in the history of the department. And, last summer, the department freshened up its uniforms, switching to all navy color and more functional, durable, and breathable materials to help officers on the job.