Clayton Walmart Shoplifting Suspects Arrested For Stealing Cheese Dip, Camera Film

Cheese dip, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Instant Camera Film. That’s the shopping list that a man and woman are accused of stealing from the Clayton Walmart.

29-year-olds Britney Rigsbee and David Perfetti were identified by Walmart security personnel stealing the items on Saturday, Feb. 1st. They immediately called police who were in the shopping center and spotted the two in a car speeding out of the parking lot.

When officers stopped the couple, both were visibly shaking however they insisted they had money and would not have stolen. When officers revealed there was surveillance video showing the two taking items without paying, the woman allegedly admitted to having the cheese dip in her purse, but that she left the stolen ice cream in the store. Officers said they found the cheese dip in her bag. The man soon produced the stolen film.

Both were charged with larceny and have been trespassed from the Walmart and cannot return to the store. The total amount for the items stolen was $16.53.