Cleveland High Junior Named Student Advisor To State Board Of Education

Bryce Womble, a junior at Cleveland High School, was recognized at the February Johnston County Board of Education meeting for being named a student advisor to the North Carolina State Board of Education (NCSBE).

Womble applied for the position of student advisor after seeing the application on social media because he wants to make sure the voices of NC students’ voices are heard.

Bryce Womble, a junior at Cleveland High School, has been named a student advisor to the North Carolina State Board of Education.

“I hope my role as a student advisor can help further education in North Carolina,” said Womble.

The NCSBE is responsible for supervising and administering the free public school system and the educational funds provided for its support. The policies they develop set the direction for all aspects of the NC Department of Public Instruction and local public school organization and operations.

The application process began with several questions concerning education and what he would do to improve education in North Carolina. Womble, one of more than one hundred applicants, was selected for an interview. He was asked questions about complex issues concerning education and what his viewpoints were on these items.

As one of two student advisors in the state on the board, he will serve a two-year term. Student advisors do not vote on agenda items, but they are encouraged to speak up during meetings and talk with Board members during breaks. The process for them begins a week before the Board meeting, when they receive an email with the month’s agenda and all materials.

In meetings, Womble participates by giving the Board the viewpoint of a student on issues; whether that be curriculum or extracurricular activities. If the Board needs the student perspective, they typically refer to the student advisors. 

According to Womble, one of the things he plans to do while serving on the board is to advocate for more AP opportunities for students.

Womble is a multi-sport athlete playing both soccer and football for the school while also being an elected member of the Cleveland High School Student Council. 

In his free time, he volunteers at a local dog shelter and works a part-time job.