County Gives Easement To Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Johnathan York (standing right) appears before Johnston County Commissioners on Jan. 5th. York received approval for two easements across County owned property near Four Oaks for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Photo

Johnston County Commissioners have agreed to give two easements to Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) across property they own in southern Johnston County.

ACP is a 550-mile pipeline that will begin in the shale basins of Harrison County, West Virginia and travel south to Robeson County, NC.   A spur will run east near the Virginia / North Carolina border to Chesapeake, Virginia.

In Johnston County, the pipeline will cross two narrow strips of land off US 701 South – land granted to the county from FEMA who purchased the low-lying properties that were flooded during Hurricane Floyd. Both parcels are just east of US 701 and south of Stewart Road.

Johnathan York, Right of Way Agent for Doyle Land Services, appeared before county leaders on Jan. 5th offering $8,626.50 for right of way to one parcel and $13,446 for the second parcel.

Commissioners agreed to accept the offer saying the property is landlocked and due to restrictions with the FEMA buyout cannot be used for future building purposes or development.  Pending approval from FEMA, county leaders agreed to the deal.

In November 2015, a group of local landowners appeared before commissioners expressing concerns safety about the ACP project and the potential for reduced property values.