Doctor, Former Mayor Files Suit Against Medical Company

He is also accused of owing $8.7M To Medicaid

A former Dunn mayor and also a popular local doctor is involved in a legal dispute, which currently keeps him from active practice, but he says he is still here and ready to help the community.

Dr. Abraham Oudeh, who served as mayor of Dunn from 1999-2003, was dismissed from his job at Goshen Medical in Dunn on July 1. He says the dismissal was the result of a lawsuit he filed against the company.

According to federal court records, Oudeh and his wife, Teresa Sloan-Oudeh, filed a suit against Goshen Medical Center Inc. late last year.

The suit relates to an agreement between Oudeh and Goshen to sell Oudeh’s medical practice in Dunn for $1.4 million. Oudeh formerly owned and operated Oudeh Medical Plaza at the site.

The purchase agreement included the building, approximately five acres of land, the contents within the building, medical equipment and several vehicles. The property is located on Tilghman Drive in Dunn, near Betsy Johnson Hospital.

Oudeh says in his suit Goshen agreed to pay $200,000 up front and then agreed to make payments of $50,000, paid quarterly for the next six years. All payments are allegedly due on Sept. 24, 2024.

In addition to the $1.4 million, the Oudehs allege they are owed interest at a rate of 5% per year.

Oudeh says in his suit that he was not paid the original $200,000 the company had agreed to pay. Negotiations resulted in the company being ordered to put the money into escrow while other legal issues against Oudeh involving Medicaid are resolved.

The original agreement also states that Oudeh and his wife would continue working at the practice to insure a smooth transition. Neither works for the company at the current time.

Oudeh still has a full and active medical license.

“I want to help the community as I have always done,” Oudeh said. “I want to help people who have nowhere else to go.”

He said his issues with Goshen Medical are personal.

“It’s a business issue and I just want what is owed to me,” Oudeh said.

Goshen responded to the suit in a letter from CEO Gregory M. Bounds, which is included in court records. The letter states the company has followed the recommendations of Medicaid lawyers and is awaiting a response.

The letter references other problems Oudeh is having involving Medicaid. The state and federal governments have filed paperwork accusing Oudeh of owing $8.7 million to Medicaid.

Oudeh would not comment on the claims against him.

The notice of the federal action was posted by Acting United States Marshal Robert Pettit under orders of the United States by and through the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

Sloan-Oudeh said the pair’s troubles will be resolved.

“It is just a matter of hours or days and then we will be able to do what is right,” she said.

-The Daily Record