Dog Found Tied To Pole With Note

An 8 year-old partially-blind dog was found tied to a pole Tuesday in Clayton.  Johnston County Animal Control said Clayton Police found the dog named Sasha tied to a pole at the Summit Medical Building on US 70 around 12:30pm Tuesday with a note attached to the animal  that read:

Hello, my name is Sasha.
I love short walks on nice windy days and chew toys!
I love head pets and tummy rubs. These make my leg do this shakey (sp)  thing, that’s how I know its good. 

My favorite food is Kibbles N bits mixed with wet food and steaks!

I absolutely love steaks!

I’m 8 years old and want to go to a loving home where I can get lots of attention and the care I need.
I love other animals and children. I was a good dog, that’s what my parents told me.

I chewed up my back because of anxieties. But elsewise (sp) there isn’t anything wrong with me. I am up to date on my shots.

Did I mention I love steaks?!?

Johnston County Animal Services Director Chad Massengill said the dog, that’s blind in one eye, was brought to the shelter by Clayton Police animal control.  Sasha is doing fine and will be held for 72 hours per state law. Afterwards Sasha can be adopted.

Massengill said a veterinarian in Chapel Hill heard about Sasha and plans to adopt her as soon as the 72 hour period has ended.

Massengill said for anyone looking to adopt a pet, the animal shelter currently has 18 other dogs and 18 cats looking for a home.

The Animal Shelter is located at 115 Shelter Way in Smithfield and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The Pet Adoption Center is open Monday through Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Their phone number is 919-934-8474.

Clayton Police said they checked records at local vet offices but there was no record of a pet named Sasha.  Police said no one should ever abandon an animal. It’s illegal. However, it is not illegal to turn a pet in to an agency if you cannot properly care for it. In addition to the shelter which works to adopt unwanted pets, there are any number of rescue and foster agencies in this area.