Drag Event At NC Art Museum Canceled After Protest

Stormie Daie (Raafe Purnsley) at the N.C. Museum of Art. Source: Town of Chapel Hill website.

By Theresa Opeka
Carolina Journal

RALEIGH – An event billed as “a drag queen story hour” for children as young as two at the North Carolina Museum of Art and funded in part by taxpayer dollars, has reportedly been canceled amid community protest.

“Artful Story Time” was brought to light nationally with posts on Twitter and national radio shows. The original post by the NCMA, which has since been removed, said it was to be “a lively story time inspired by art and children’s books” and was being presented by Stormie Daie, one of the drag queens from the House of Coxx, in Durham.

The description of the story hour continues by saying it “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models.

The museum said that kids can “see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

The museum has received backlash on its Twitter page for the scheduling of the event. 

It’s unclear as to when the exact date of the event was to take place. However, the museum has hosted events like this in the past, including one in April, with Daie, and another in June that was billed as “Story Time in the Garden.”

Karlie Marlowe, director of marketing and communications for the museum, said in an emailed statement to Carolina Journal that it was not a scheduled event. When CJ followed up by asking if the event was canceled, there was no further response from Marlowe by the time of the publication of this article.

In an emailed statement to Carolina Journal, House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, said the event was canceled and removed from the museum’s website thanks to the outcry from parents.

“I am appalled that the NC Museum of Art would host a “Drag Queen Story Hour” promoted to children as young as two years old,” Moore said. “The sexualization of young children is unacceptable, and parents will not stand for it.”

After noting the event’s cancelation, Moore stated that if such events become a trend, he will take action to ensure tax dollars are not used for such events.

Almost $20 million was allocated to the museum in the North Carolina General Assembly Final Conference Budget for the Fiscal Year 2021-22.

Drag queen story hours have created recent controversy across North Carolina and nationwide, including one initially canceled in June by the Apex Festival Commission as part of the Apex Pride Festival but was later reinstated after another group stepped in to support it.


  1. Moore said[:] “The sexualization of young children is unacceptable, and parents will not stand for it.”

    Well that’s the understatement of 2022 right there. These things are lewd, heinous, vile and perverted. Shame and admonishment upon any “parent” who would expose a child to such explicitly sexual activity. Absolutely sick. I hope humanity can once again find solace in who God created them as, rather than the promotion of delusions and corrupted self images.

  2. Christian voices and forces should fight back tenaciously and decidedly against the demonic evil in the form of this madness. All it takes for evil to gain a foothold is for good to tolerate it. The time for tolerance is gone!!!

  3. Come on resident libs. We know you support this stuff. Are you afraid to come here and publicly state your support for child grooming?

    John, Leighlah, Tell the Truth……where you at?

    • @DanM: I, for one, am not scared by drag queens reading stories at the museum. If you don’t want your children to be read to, then don’t take them. No one is forcing your children to be read to (or “grooming” as you put it). I mean, it isn’t like the SCOTUS forcing people to have children!

      • SCOTUS isn’t forcing anyone to have children! The Dobbs decision simply kicked it back to the states to determine the baby killing rules. Even then states who don’t allow for the murder of unborn children do not force anyone to have children. At this point everyone knows what causes you to get pregnant so if you don’t want the responsibility of children don’t get pregnant. The <1% of pregnancies which are the result of rape can be handled with morning after pills or adoption which are much safer for the woman. There is no place in society for intentionally murdering innocent babies especially up until birth which is being pushed!

        • You’re right…. It is the states forcing women to have babies. The ide that the government can force anyone to be a parent should scare everyone. Those of us who are true conservatives want LESS government interference, not more! All of you snowflakes who want the government to control every aspect of your life should move to SOCIALIST Europe. Here in USA, we value ( or at least used to) individual liberty. I weep for what our country has become

          • Kindly explain how any state is forcing women to have babies. Also, which states are requiring women to have babies. Thank you in advance.

  4. If you vote Democrat this is what you’re allowing to be forced on our children! I don’t like Republicans either, all politicians are crooked, but the left agenda is completely evil! War, convincing innocent children they’re transgender by curriculums used in all schools, lawlessness, releasing convicted felons from prisons, and defunding law enforcement, crippling inflation, food scarcity. All this is planned. Think people! Before it’s too late…

  5. Wait Wait Wait, where are all you Conservative God fearing Christians? You constantly tout First Amendment Rights. I guess it’s only when it benefits your cause. Typical others be da*ned when it doesn’t fit into your beliefs. First amendment rights are for everyone not just you.

    • 1. This was paid for with taxpayers dollars. Therefore taxpayers have a say in it.
      2. Sexual deviancy and grooming of minors via “drag story hour” is neither speech nor should it be protected since it gives groomers access to children.

      Try harder.

  6. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion however, when it comes to tax dollars to pay for this kind of thing to young or any children should not be allowed when we don’t even have enough books in class rooms to go around. Not only that but we don’t even have enough schools or teachers. If they want to do these types of get together then let the people that are going to sponsor such take care of the money to hire them for readying better yet why don’t they just volunteer their time? There are alot of folks in the nursing homes that would love to have someone to visit and read to them. I am not for anyone changing their gender to make a “statement” to our kids!!! Leave my tax dollars alone and put them to better use!!!!

  7. You people really are delusional. They are only reading your child a story basically in a costume. I almost guarantee they are not grooming your children matter of fact I’m sure most of the “Christians “ complaining are more into grooming children than they are

    • If you were to tell a transgender that they were not transgender and just a man or woman in a custom..They and the supporters would lose it on you and try to cancel you! So if they want to be taken serious as to what they are or are not..then they must understand that people who give them that respect to be looked at as transgender or drag queen also want respect given to children and how tax dollars they spend or used to push that agenda.

  8. I see NO need to have such an event for children. I just don’t see how men dressing as women or women dressing as men has a need to be taught to kids or groomed into a thought of acceptance to kids. These drag people don’t need the acceptance from kids and vice versa!

  9. The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.

    Adolf Hitler

    I don’t think Adolf Hitler was a Christian but by some of your comments he may be accused of being one by the weeks end?

  10. If it is so harmless as some have alleged, then why don’t they go and share their storytelling in Saudi Arabia or Iran? Oh, that’s right…

  11. Well thank goodness for that!

    If a parent takes their child to such a thing (or someone approves of a parent doing so). Well, I can only imagine what type of molestation goes on behind closed doors in those homes. Sick sick people!

    Yesterday I saw the video of the drag queen in Plano Texas lifting his skirt and you can clearly see his package through his see thru underwear. He was literally shaking his stuff, clearly visible, in front of a pre-school child. The child later goes up and tips another drag queen. Sickening!

  12. Shan or Shanna that’s how it all starts take your kids there but most adults know right and completely wrong by now


    • No, I won’t sit by and let this type of filth take hold. Take this disgusting behavior to California, not here. We have a duty, as members of society, to hold those who are sick to account.

    • Carmen Garcia it’s our business to instill morales and shield children from inappropriate values.
      It’s bad enough they show that rupaul crap on the idiot box(tv). We don’t need it this close to home. Glad someone cancelled it.

  14. Please forgive me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t the Johnston County Board of Commissioners have a member that was indicted by a grand jury for felony sexual liberties with a child? Doesn’t he know the child through church affiliation? How many of you have attended a meeting to speak out and demand this commissioner resign or at least take a leave of absence? After all, this fine Christian man charged with this sickening crime is being paid with TAX PAYERS’ DOLLARS!!

    • He absolutely should not still be in the board but unless he chooses to resign we have no recourse. I have spoken with many of the other commissioners to find out why no statements have been made and forced resignation has not occurred. I have made my voice known as have many others but unfortunately due to legal reasons unless Dickie decides to do the right thing (which he clearly is not capable of) then our hands are tied! I do not plan to place a vote for him even though he is unopposed we all need to show no support for his position by not voting for him!

      He is a sick person and sick people come in all shapes, sizes and walks of life including hiding in a religious and educational institutions in order to prey on others. Doesn’t make him a Christian!

  15. Like really? What the ru Paul _uck!! No child should be around ADULT choices dealing with gender/sex. What’s wrong with you people?? You all don’t see this is wrong??

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