Driver Injured After Gunshots Fired Into Car 

WILSON’S MILLS – The Wilson’s Mills Police Department is seeking information regarding a reported shooting that occurred on Monday, August 24th on Uzzle’s Pond Road.

Around 4:00am, near entrance to the Johnston Farms and Clearwater Drive subdivisions on Uzzle’s Pond Road, the female victim was driving a blue Nissan Altima south toward Talton Farm Road.  As she neared Johnston Farms and Clearwater Drives, an approaching SUV passed her vehicle, made a U-turn, and began to quickly follow.

Seconds later, the victim encountered another vehicle.  The second vehicle, described as a sedan, approached her on Uzzle’s Pond Road, slowed and met briefly with the SUV before the SUV sped up and began to fire multiple rounds striking the victim’s vehicle.  The victim fled the scene turning right onto Talton Farm Road where she had to abandon her vehicle in the Double Barley Brewery parking lot due to two flat tires.  The woman sustained minor injuries.

Police Chief A.Z. Williams said, “At this time, there are no known motives for the shooting and the victim could not identify the vehicles or provide assailant information.”

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Wilson’s Mills Police Department at 919-938-3885.  Callers with information may remain anonymous.