Driver’s Education Sign Stolen From JCPS Vehicle

SMITHFIELD – A driver’s education instructor said someone stole a driver’s ed sign from the roof of a car. The theft happened July 28th in the parking lot of Chic-Fil-A on North Brightleaf Boulevard.

The Johnston County Public Schools driving instructor, and two students, were inside eating breakfast. When they returned to the car, they noticed the triangle-shaped bright-yellow “Johnston County Public Schools Student Driver” sign was missing.

Smithfield Police were called to investigate. Police said they don’t have any leads in the case.

The stolen sign was valued at $400.


    • Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but your “baby on board” sign is an entirely different kind of sign. The sign mentioned in this article is one of those large signs that mounts to the top of the car, probably with some kind of magnets, similar to those you see on pizza delivery vehicles.

      • Oh man ur so smart. Hey genius look up “buy taxi sign”. The kind you are talking about and i never would have known if you hadn’t explained toy dumb self. You can get a really good one for 30 bucks. I couldn’t waste money like the govt if i tried but im just an uneducated simpleton.

  1. Could have fallen off as they were driving. That’s a busy chic-fil-a and I’m sure they have cameras.

    • They need to widen that parking lot at chik-fil-lay… you are just on top of one another and it is hard to get out of there especially for elderly drivers.

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