Elementary Students Thank Selma Police

Selma Elementary Assistant Principal Chamekka Williams, SES Student Leadership Member Alasia Jaramillo, Police Support Specialist Johnny Cooper, and SES Student Leadership Member Noelia Lopez

Students on the Selma Elementary Student Leadership Council (SLC) wanted to do something to show their support and thank members of their local police department.

Students made cards and delivered a basket of goodies to the Selma Police Department as a way to say “Thank You” and show their appreciation for all the officers do for their school and the community.  They wanted the policemen to know their efforts and good deeds doesn’t go unnoticed.

SLC students plan to continue to show their compassion by delivering more baskets and goodies to other public servants in the community. They also have a field trip planned to a local nursing home this month where they will deliver more cards, spend time completing crafts with residents, and sing Christmas carols before returning back to school.