Employment Agency Awarded $250,000 JCPS Contract

The Johnston County Public School Board has awarded a contract to a Smithfield employment agency to help fill vacant custodial positions. Since the pandemic, additional cleaning requirements have been placed on school custodians, many of whom also serve in dual roles as bus drivers. Those positions are now harder to fill.

The JCPS board voted to award a $250,000 contract to Mitchell Temporary Services to hire workers who can serve as both custodians and drive buses.

The request was made by Brooks Moore, Chief of Facilities and Construction. Officials said there is a tremendous need to supplement custodial staff with temporary employees.

Brian Vetrano, JCPS Chief of Human Resources said, “Mitchell Temporary Services is utilized to fill custodial vacancies as they arise. It is difficult to give you an exact number on how many people this will help facilitate, as the employment is need-based at this time.”

There are currently 180-1/2 custodian positions in Johnston County Schools. Recently, 45 of the positions were vacant. Compared to a year ago, there were 25 vacancies. Two years ago there were only 8 vacancies.

The contract was awarded in a 5-to-0 vote. Board member Mike Wooten recused himself from the decision. Board member Terri Sessoms was not present.


  1. Mike “liberal” Wooten recused his self from voting on this? How Mike “liberal” Wooten must feel having to vote pretending he wants the masks off the kids so to make the tax payers and parents forget he is a liberal progressive liberal the same as Todd “progressive” Sutton is trying to do before the next election. I think Mike “liberal” Wooten is struggling with announcing he not running again because of his weak support the last election and barely getting enough of votes to hold on. Then Mike “liberal” Wooten is struggling with the humiliation of a loss that he knows is coming because we all have seen he is a liberal progressive liberal if he should run? This isn’t about the children tax payers and parents it is about the egos and supporting the Teacher’s Union’s Machine?

    • Hiring temporary custodians to help clean our school is about ego and supporting the Teacher’s Union (which doesn’t exist because we’re a Right to Work state)? Terry, you’re nuts. If you have a problem with spending money to make sure the schools are adequately cleaned, then volunteer your time cleaning the schools. I have a feeling you would be denied the opportunity to be a volunteer since you’re ramblings scream “I’m Cuckoo!!!”

  2. How many positions are available for a portion of the 250k? I’m curious as to how much the temporary company earns from this amount.

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