Energy Drinks To Be Produced At Clayton Plant

A Durham-based beverage company plans to open a production plant in Johnston County.

Mati Energy, whiMati-Energy-4ch began a few years ago in a dorm room at Duke University, is now one of the fastest growing energy drinks in the southeast.

According to the News & Observer, Mati Energy has signed a 5 year lease on a vacant 30,000 square foot building on US70 East of Clayton near the Grifols and Novo Nordisk plants.  As recently as this summer, the building had been in use by Grifols for storage.

According to the article, Mati Energy depends on two manufacturers to produce 25,000 cans each month. Once the Clayton-plant is up and running, Mati Energy will be able to produce 30,000 cans the first month, with production increasing by 10,000 cans each month of the three flavors: citrus, cherry and tropical. They will no longer have to depend on an outside source for production.       Mati-Energy-3 

According to the News & Observer, Mati founder Tatiana Birgisson will keep the company headquarters in Durham while Clayton will be the location of their production facility.  Mati could be producing their first energy drinks in Clayton as early as next month.