Firefighters Rescue Fawn Trapped In Storm Drain

Deer Rescue 2Clayton firefighters used their skills and specialized equipment Friday afternoon to come to the aid of a trapped animal.

Around 3pm, Clayton resident Shannon Casey called 911 after hearing cries from the deep dark depths of a storm water drain on Averasboro Drive in the Cobblestone community.

Town of Clayton Animal Control Officer Angela Lee responded immediately and found a tiny fawn yelping from more than 12 feet deep underground while the mother deer anxiously paced just by the edge of the nearby woods line.

Officer Lee knew the Town of Clayton Fire Department was expertly trained and well-armed with special equipment to enter confined spaces. She called on their expertise and the members quickly deployed their rescue equipment, testing the safety of the air in the hole and then hoisting down two firefighters.  Almost immediately after Town of Clayton Firefighter Holly Holton was lowered to the bottom of the hole, the baby deer literally leapt into her arms. 

Everyone was safely raised out of the storm drain and after Animal Control Officer Lee checked out the deer and posed for a few quick photos, the frightened fawn was released back to her waiting mother.

Officials still aren’t sure how the baby deer ended up in the storm drain, but Town of Clayton spokesperson Stacy Beard said the Town was super proud that their caring Animal Control Officer and the constant and specialized training of the Town of Clayton Fire Department worked together to save the young fawn.Deer Rescue 3