Fuel Tanker, SUV Collide

A fuel tanker and SUV collided Monday morning near Selma. The collision was reportedly just before 10:00am at the intersection of Highway 96 North and Old Beulah Road about a mile north of Selma.

The rural intersection has a four-way stop sign.  No fuel spilled from the tanker, which was carrying 7,000 gallons of diesel, but the saddle tank on the semi was ruptured in the crash spilling about 100 gallons of diesel fuel.

The Selma Fire Department responded and sprayed foam on the fuel spill to prevent a possible fire.

Two people in the SUV were injured, one seriously. Both were taken to Wake Medical Center.

The driver of the tanker sustained minor injuries but declined transport to the hospital.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation by the NC Highway Patrol.  Photos courtesy ABC 11



  1. Instead of the stupid 4 way stop, why not put a stoplight there?? AND at all the other 4 way stop intersections?? When you add up all the electricity it takes for all those signs warning about the 4 way stop, putting up stoplights would probably be cheaper in the long run. That way, unless a vehicle is coming up on Old Beulah, vehicles on 96 wouldn’t have to stop.

      • A whole lot of people driving on our roads don’t know that the vehicle to the right has the right of way. Either get everybody who doesn’t know the rules of driving off the roads or put up a stoplight, the stoplight is probably much easier.

        • Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

          This wasn’t a matter of a SUV and a tractor trailer not knowing who needs to yield to who, the person in the SUV simply ran the stop sign and hit the tractor trailer. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened the way it happened.

          A stoplight would not have prevented the SUV driver from hitting the tractor trailer. People just need to learn to pay attention.

          • Exactly, but, sadly, those ignorant people are going to continue to drive. Most people will stop for a stoplight even if they don’t stop for a stop sign. If you can figure out a way to ban ignorant people from driving, I would be overjoyed!!!

  2. Whether it’s a stop sign/ light it doesn’t matter if you don’t STOP! The people driving those tankers are notorious for not stopping. They’ve almost hit me coming off of Jerry Road. Another accident waiting to happen is at the intersection of 39 and Old Beulah @ Ray’s car lot. You can’t see around the vehicles parked by the road.

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