Garner Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Four Bonds

GARNER – According to Tuesday’s unofficial municipal election results, Garner voters have overwhelmingly approved the $69 million bond program on the ballot in its entirety.

Garner residents were presented with the opportunity to decide on four bond questions concerning issuance of up to $24.05 million in Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds; up to $35.5 million in Parks and Recreational Bonds; up to $6.5 million in Public Safety and Services Facilities Bonds; and up to $2.95 million in Stormwater Bonds.

Unofficial results show extremely strong support for all four bond questions.

“We are excited but also humbled by the trust Garner voters have placed in us to pursue this ambitious program that will lay the groundwork for Garner’s future prosperity and orderly growth,” Mayor Ken Marshburn said. “We will carry out the bond program in a fiscally responsible manner with the goals of maintaining a great level of services and a quality of life that is second to none in this region.”

Some of the projects that the Town anticipates funding with the bonds include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • widening and improvements on the portion of Jones Sausage Road between Interstate 40 and East Garner Road;
  • phased development of parks on the Yeargan property on East Garner Road and the Meadowbrook property off of White Oak Road;
  • construction of a new fire and EMS station in a fast-growing part of Garner around the U.S. 401-Ten Ten Road area;
  • construction of a splashpad in a location yet to be determined;
  • sidewalk installation projects in various parts of town;
  • and improvements to aging stormwater infrastructure.

Garner officials estimate that a property-tax-rate increase of 2 cents per $100 assessed value will be needed to help service the debt on the bonds. That tax increase is expected to take effect in fiscal year 2023.

The Town will issue the bonds in tranches over several years. Bond projects also will be completed over a number of years.