Garner Zoning Hearing Signs Will Improve Public Awareness

GARNER – Beginning this month, the general public will be alerted to the fact that a zoning public hearing is scheduled for a piece of land in the vicinity of one of these new signs being posted with a large red Z on a caution yellow background. These signs will be used in conjunction with other state-required methods of public notice (mailed notices to at least those properties within 100 feet of the subject property, and legal notices on the Town of Garner’s website) to reach those most affected by a development proposal requiring a public hearing for potential approval.

The 18″ x 24″ signs are designed to simply be noticed by passers-by and not distract with too much information. When you notice one of these signs in an area you are interested in, please check the legal notices section of the Town of Garner’s website when you get to a place you can safely access the web or call 919-773-4449 for more information about the specific hearing in question.

This phone line is the regular phone line for one of the Town of Garner Planning Technicians who will either be able to provide you with more detailed project information or refer you to a project plan reviewer who can.