Harnett County Issues Warning About Tax Scams

The Harnett County Tax Department is warning residents of recent tax scams. County officials are urging taxpayers to be on the lookout for any mailed letters, phone calls, or email phishing attempts about a notice of a warranted lien or incentive to receive a reduction in their property taxes. These types of fraudulent communication can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft.

“We are asking residents to be very cautious during this time. Harnett County Tax Department will not send taxpayers any information about federal taxes, liens against their federal taxes, or providing an incentive to reduce current property tax bills,” stated Harnett County Tax Administrator Bill Tyson. “Any of our mailed letters will have the official County logo and letterhead and include contact information for the Harnett County Tax Department. “

Taxpayers are also reminded to be aware of any emails or phone calls that appear to be coming from the Harnett County Tax Department that is requesting financial or personal information.

County officials are advising any taxpayer who receives notifications like these to not call the phone number listed or click on any links to provide financial or personal information.

Individuals can contact the Harnett County Tax Department at 910-893-7520 to verify property tax bill information and/or to report any type of fraudulent communication they have received.