Heated School Board Meeting Takes Place Over Employee Grievance

SMITHFIELD – Several members of the Johnston County Public School Board engaged in a heated exchange during a special called meeting today (Monday).  The 8:30am meeting was held to discuss a grievance filed by an unnamed school employee against school board member Michelle Antoine.

Antoine filed a lawsuit against the school board September 12th.  The lawsuit was sealed by a judge the same day it was filed in Johnston County Superior Court.

Some of the audio was cut from the public video of the meeting uploaded to the JCPS YouTube channel. In several instances, Mrs. Antoine’s microphone was cut off.

After the meeting, JCPS said they could not release a copy of the grievance filed against Antoine stating it was a confidential public record.

In a 5-to-2 vote, the board allowed Mrs. Antoine to present her information and response in the form of a written affidavit at a future meeting.


  1. “It’s a clown show! You keep running lunatics, you’re going to be in this position.”
    -Mike Lawler, Republican congressman for 17th congressional district of NY

  2. Don’t you just love how Ma Andrews comforts her puppet our elected Terry “Judas” Tippett? If you parents and Taxpayers vote in these conservative we will remove them with our endless hundreds of millions school board dollars with our school board attorneys. Us Democrats will lock you Republicans up and remember that should any of you think of running to change this school board!!!

    • Won, You should be proud of Tippett, he ran as a Republican and acting just like a Democrat with unprofessional actions and butt kissing. SO what you are saying, is you will make up crap to get these people off the board. Sad.

      • YEP, That’s how us Liberal Progressive Democrats role. Mr. concerned813 are you really questioning me about removing a elected school board member with this method? You do realize we also support abortion up to and after birth and you ask if I support this method of removing a school board member? Mr. concerned813 you really need to get out of your house more, if you did you realize your country as you knew it is gone!!! Vote BLUE until WE ARE THROUGH!!!!

  3. Here we go again with more circus behavior on the school board! Fire them all and start over. The Joco school board is the most corrupt in the state!

  4. Very disappointed in Lynn andrews terry Tippett. Mr Tippett needs to apologize for his Outburst to the public why does Lynn allow this this kind of behavior to occur with terry Tippett?

  5. That video is an embarrassing kangaroo court. Watching Terry Tippett bow up like a little bantam rooster was the icing on top. I’m sorry I supported him, but I won’t make that Mistake again. Can’t wait to get Lynn Andrew’s out of there as well.

    • Terry,,, you and me both, Wish my vote wasn’t for Tippett… also, he didn’t want any of Johnson… He knew the deputies were there so he could act big and bad.

      • The only reason she is on that board is because tippet let her and Kevin ride his coat tail . She was able to campaign with him and got his voters because he had strong support !!! Trust me she would not have came close with out him !!!! All 3 of them don’t need to be on the board. She doesn’t even have kids in our public schools Vote her out

  6. Well, this explains why the high school transcript I ordered on 8/28/23 still hasn’t arrived. Because these clowns are too busy fighting.

  7. At this point, I feel the board should get a vote of no confidence and all should be replaced by special election.

  8. How does anyone know exactly what is going on? This gives me no confidence at all in this school board and seems the public including myself needs to pay more attention to who we are voting in office.

  9. Apparently, none of you know what’s really going on…
    Yet, you’re so sure ‘it’s all wrong’.
    Good God…shut up and try to find out before you blab so loud.
    The big question is: why is Plantiffs complaint kept off the record ?
    Everybody wants their way, but no one knows which way is which!
    Shut up…until you really know more.

  10. The continuing $hit show saga known as the Johnston County Schools Board of Education. What a JOKE!!!
    I am SO ASHAMED of this crowd.
    ** ALL OF THEM NEED TO GO !!! **

  11. There is little doubt in my mind that this board is too divided to fulfill the role to which they were elected. Working together is paramount when it comes to education and I do not feel this board will ever be able to do that. Unfortunately, when there is this much “dysunfction”, the entirety of the BOE should resign. There is no unity of purpose within this group. Sadder still is the fact that what you are seeing in our local elected officials, is the exact same as what we are seeing in national politics as well. Name calling, insults, weaponizing law enforcement, corruption all defeat the very purpose why we put people in office. I’m done with it. I will be cordial, polite and respectful to these board members but I will not vote for any of them in the upcoming elections.

  12. None of you who have spoken disparaging of Chair Lyn Andrews obviously knows the character of this woman who has spent her life serving others. I am appalled at the comments against this servant leader. It is time for those who want to spend more time behind the scenes creating drama to exit the board and allow those, like Chair Andrews to work toward the betterment of our students and their learning. Looks to me, as I examine statewide results and Johnston County Schools in particular, that Chair Andrews and the current teachers and staff of Johnston County have made great progress in educating our future.

    • “Ma” stabbed every conservative who voted for her in the back. SIMP for her if you want, Chris, but I’m not forgetting her votes to keep kids masked and pushing damaging virtual school. I’m not forgetting when she told us she doesn’t answer to the constituents. We know she will always side with the draconian authorities rather than liberty-centric convictions to the contrary.

      She’s a trans-Republican and no conservative.

      “made great progress”: Laughable and sad. Almost have our kids aren’t reading at grade level, spare us the BS, Chris.

      I pretty Democrats to RINOs…at least the Dems will stab you in the chest while making eye contact. There’s no aspect of betrayal with them that there is with “fake conservatives.”

      • I have no idea where the name “Ma Andrews” came from, but it’s obvious those of you responding have no idea who you are referring to. Lyn Andrews’s character and integrity is unapproachable. Your attacks on her is unfounded and without any actual facts to back them. The school board has several individuals who are merely there to stir trouble. I think it’s very interesting that you have a school board member who cut his mike off so he could make provoking remarks toward Tippet. His intent was to make Mr. Tippet lose his composure on camera. I don’t think the public realizes the amount of trouble a certain few have caused. Yes, Mr. Tippet, probably should have ignored the person taunting him, but I’m not sure anyone could remain calm in that atmosphere. There was one, though, and she was calm, professional, fair and in control the entire time. Lyn Andrews is our best asset on the board of education. We are extremely blessed to have her in her present position.

  13. What an embarrassment to Johnston County. No wonder our school system is in shambles. Mr. Johnson said there were 500 vacancies? That is unbelievable and the only thing they can do is have a clown show bashing each other. Our children’s education is on the line and you all have not one ounce of care in your bodies. Shame on you all, I seen toddlers act more professional than you all. School staff are under paid, teachers lack resources and this is what you all do as a board. As far as I am concerned you ALL are fired!

  14. Why is everyone lambasting Mr. Tippett for his outrage, without a single comment on what the outrage – or the meeting – was about? The meeting was to go over the details of a lawsuit against Moms for Liberty MagaToine filing bogus complaints in order to push an EXTREME right-wing agenda. No one is talking about that? Bogus complaints in her first months as a board member? HUGE ethical violation and speaks volumes about her (lack of) character. People say leaders don’t matter – oh the contrary. Trump has demonstrated how to act and has given people license to do so and encouraged them to act like this. Shame shame shame on them.

    • His outrage is because he didn’t like being interrupted. The purpose of the meeting was not to bash Antoine but to discuss the lawsuit. Andrews had Tippett disparage Antoine on the record. The meeting was a set up and some on the board didn’t like it.
      I find the irony of Tippett complaining about Johnson’s professionalism and within 5 minutes, gets up to assault Johnson.

  15. I know who is laughing right now….. every parent of an ALA, Neuse charter, Thales academy, Johnston Charter , and private school student.

  16. I see that Trump is still living rent-free in some tards’ brains. TDS is a serious mental health issue. Please, for you and those who love you, get some help.

  17. Too many trained educators on the board to properly consider the non-educator viewpoints in education. Parents need a voice in the board, unfortunately there is too few. Stop with the ideology and get back to basics, our offsprings futures are being ravaged.

  18. Organizations generally, do not like it, when one of their own exposes, some form of corruption, inappropriate conduct, or any behavior which damages the reputation of the organization. Mr. Johnson exposed a former Johnston County schools, employee of sexual harassment. Note that this complaint was brought about the by an employee that Mr. Johnson is obligated to investigate. Subsequently that high-ranking official was allowed to resign quietly and go about their career. Miss Antoine exposed a board member who should not have been on the board due to their not residing in the county. I’m not the slightest bit surprised that in this age of finger-pointing, blame and accusations that these things took place at this meeting. This is a dysfunctional board which I do not believe has the trust of the constituents of all the members should resign in their entirety immediately. Failure to do so will only further indicate the lack of openness and disclosure.

  19. I am no legal scholar, however I don’t believe that JCPS Board Policy trumps the US Constitution. This is so embarrassing! Regardless, of the accusation, a teacher got their feelings hurt and is making waves. I understand not wanting to be named. Very few teachers will come out about what is wrong with our schools, but apparently they don’t mind going after School Board Members! I don’t have clue as to what is going on and I am not taking up for Ms. Antoine. I am speaking for what is right is what is wrong. This was wrong on so many levels! This was not how the sexual harasser was treated, so I am quite unsure as to why she is being treated this way! Seems like a two tier JCPS justice system!

  20. All should be ashamed of theot behavior. Those who were obviously acting with agenda and those who were sitting silently as though this is normal. Johnston County deserves better from those elected to SERVE. There was no element of service being displayed by any member just posturing and lack of decorum. Our children are below grade level after the past two years, don’t squawk about school choice when this is the choice being offered by BOE

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