Investigation Underway After Police Shoot And Kill Dog

Second Bullet Fired By Officer Strikes Car 

An internal investigation is underway by Princeton Police after an officer shot and killed a dog.  Chief of Police Tyrone Sutton said the incident happened around 7:30pm Sunday on Pine Street between Second and Third Street.

An officer received several complaints including a dispatch from the Johnston County 911 Center to check on the animal.   Chief Sutton said witnesses reported the dog was acting very aggressive and waived the officer down when he arrived in the area and pointed to the address where the dog lived.

As the officer approached the address in an attempt to locate the animal, the dog appeared and began to growl at the policeman. The dog lunged once towards the officer. When the animal lunged a second time, Chief Sutton said the officer had no choice to protect himself and others from being injured.

The officer fired two rounds. One round fatally injured the dog. The second round struck an unoccupied car parked nearby.

Chief Sutton confirmed the dog that was shot was the one that had been reported as aggressive by witnesses prior to the officers arrival.

Sutton said he will be conducting an internal investigation into the shooting and also how the parked car was struck by a bullet.

According to a social media post by Emily Taylor, she said she was celebrating her birthday Sunday night when her dogs got out during a thunderstorm.  “The Princeton police were apparently called by our a**hole neighbors and when they responded they resolved the situation by shooting and killing my dog just because she was a pit bull. This dog was the most gentle, harmless animal ever and was scared of her own shadow. Not only did they kill my dog, they shot my damn car in the process. Left a bullet hole in the side of my car, killed my dog, and no one even left a f**king note saying we should call the police department. I found all this out this morning after we driving around town trying to find Libby because we thought she’d just gotten out. I am devastated and furious. I want Officer Toole fired immediately. Every member of that police force knows who I am and most have my phone number. They could’ve called me to come get the dog as they have before. Or at the very least, called and said “hey we shot your dog and your car”.  Libby didn’t deserve this. My heart is broken.”

We attempted to reach Ms. Taylor for a comment but have not been successful in reaching her. Facebook photos