JCPS To Implement State-Of-The-Art Security Systems

At the November Regular Session Board of Education meeting, the Board voted unanimously to improve safety and security in Johnston County Public Schools by implementing state-of-the-art security systems in each of the district’s schools.

The school district will implement a weapon detection system and a propped/open-door alarm system in each school.

“The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority in Johnston County Public Schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy. “We are laser focused on making sure that we are constantly improving our practices and protocols and we will do whatever it takes to provide a safe learning environment.”

The Board of Education was able to approve the implementation of these security measures following the Johnston County Commissioners vote to approve the school system’s funding request for the new technology at their Nov. 21 meeting.

“Johnston County Commissioners reaffirmed that public safety is a top priority at last night’s Board meeting by approving JCPS request to upgrade school security systems throughout the County,” said Chairman Butch Lawter. “As a Board, we believe that the safety of our children is paramount and we are proud to make this next level commitment to secure our schools and keep our kids safe.”

Additionally, Johnston County Public Schools received a grant through the Center for Safer Schools to put a School Resource Officer (SRO) in every school. The school system has already begun the process of ensuring each school has an SRO at their site as law enforcement personnel allows.

“This next level commitment to school safety and security is exciting,” said JCPS Assistant Superintendent of Auxiliary and Administrative Services Dr. David Pearce, who oversees the district’s safety and security measures. “Johnston County Public Schools has always been deeply committed to keeping our students safe, but we are looking forward to this opportunity to step up our efforts even further for our children and staff.”

(JCPS News Release)


  1. What a waste. We should be arming (and training) every school emplyee! The only way to stop a bad person with a gun, is with a good person with a gun.

    • Do you really believe every school employee is a good person? Can you imagine the liberal employees and how they would be. I’ll take trained law enforcement any day. Now, I do think teachers should be allowed to carry concealed if they are properly trained and have a permit.

  2. If the commissioners really cared about our kids they would suspend or remove Dickie Braswell from the board until his court case for taking indecent liberties with a child is resolved!

    • Why should they Jen R ? He got over 50,000 votes and the only evidence supporting any charges may be a sworn affidavit unless more can be delivered? The Me Too Movement has replaced the need of hard evidence being needed unlike with Bill Clinton leaving DNA on Monica Liwinski blue dress. Now Jen R I do know your skills at finding reported studies that can support your facts, if you know of such a report that proves a female or child under the age of 18 are proven unable to make a false claim or unable to be a liar please post it. If your setting on some provable evidence of this nature I to would become a guilty until proven innocent advocate the same as you are.

      • @terrybarns: I think the fact that Braswell has remained silent on the matter speaks volumes. An innocent man would be screaming his innocence from the mountain tops.

    • @JenR: If the citizens of JoCo cared about kids, they wouldn’t have re-elected Braswell. #ReapWhatYouVote #StraightPartyVotingConsequences

      • Or just voter ignorance! People don’t do their research and also think every bubble needs to be filled in for every race.even if uncontested.

        • @JenR: At some point, all you snowflake SOCIALST Live need to take responsibility for your actions. Ignorance is not an excuse. Maybe instead of voter ID requirements, we really need voter IQ requirements.

          • I am far from a socialist and 💯 agree with your statement. Not sure how you could ever think I was a socialist based on my comments on here. That’s actually comical to me.

  3. A: Perimeter fencing with guarded house for check in B: cameras at all four ( or more ) corners of grounds monitored by receptionist. C: locked doors at all times. D: double entrance to office. E: I’d check in prior to entrance , possibly so guard house.

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