JCS Enrollment Climbs To 37,411

Johnston County Schools said 37,411 students attended classes on the 10th day of public schools for the 2019-2020 school year.  The 10th day number is the official number used for reporting purposes in a school year.

That represents an increase of 334 students from last year’s 10 day enrollment of 37,077.

Click Here To See A Breakdown Of 10 Day Attendance Numbers By School

Surprisingly, 22 schools saw attendance numbers decline from 10 day totals in 2018-19.  While the numbers were small in most cases, others were not.  West Johnston High saw attendance numbers decline from 1,434 last year to 1,348 this year, a decrease of 86.  Smithfield Selma High had 50 fewer students at 1,337 compared to 1,387 last year.  Selma Elementary reported 69 fewer students at 659, compared to 728 a year ago.

Some of the largest 10 day enrollment increases were reported at Archer Lodge Middle which gained 87 students from 1,188 to 1,275 and the Innovation Academy at South Campus which gained 96 students from 195 to 291.