Johnston Commissioners Reject 354 Unit Apartment Complex

Johnston County Commissioners have rejected a request from a developer to built a 354 unit apartment complex in the Cleveland community.  In a unanimous vote, commissioners turned down a rezoning petition needed for a new apartment complex at 425 Technology Drive, Garner.    

Hawthorne Residential Acquisition LLC of Greensboro had petitioned commissioners to approve 306 units in Phase One and 48 additional units in Phase Two.  The multi-family development would include up to 8 units per acre on the 44.67 acre tract of land.  It would take 18 months to completely build out.

Commissioners expressed concern over the projected sewer capacity needs of 93,000 gallons per day when the County currently only has about 200,000 gallons of sewer capacity available in that area until upgrades, already underway, are completed.  Additionally, the project would add 2,700 cars daily on area roadways that are already congested.  Many of those cars would travel Glen Road to the Highway 42 intersection.  

Board members also expressed concerns about an estimated 214 public school students the development would bring to the Cleveland area.  Three nearby schools are all over capacity. West View Elementary has 1,048 students enrolled but the capacity is only 886.  Cleveland Middle currently has 1,043 students but was designed for 886.  And Cleveland High School has 1,708 students enrolled, 508 above the designed capacity of 1,200. 

In a 7-to-0 vote, the project was turned down by commissioners.


  1. It is time to suspend ALL growth west of I-95 until the county can absorb the growth without raising taxes to support the infrastructure increases…

  2. Thank you Johnston Commissioners. We can’t handle any more down here. This area has seen enough growth. Again, thank you.

  3. If it was FSC or One 27 homes it would’ve went through. I’m glad they denied it, but it’s time to put the breaks on Flowers and the Smiths until infrastructure can be caught up.

  4. The Cleveland community should incorporate as a town and take charge of their own future. The infrastructure and layout is so disjointed now that neither Garner or Clayton would rescue the area by annexation due to the headaches involved.

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