Johnston County EMS Division Joins New Pediatric Care Training And Research Program

Collaboration between Johnston EMS and PECC+ Researchers Aims to Strengthen Pediatric Readiness

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Emergency Services EMS Division has been selected to join the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators Plus (PECC+) Program, an advanced pediatric training and education program developed by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in partnership with the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and funded by the EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center.

Twelve EMS agencies throughout the state of North Carolina were selected following an application and interview process for the highly selective program. The PECC+ Program representative for Johnston County EMS is Captain Allison Bissette, Paramedic and Training Officer, who will serve as the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC).

The PECC+ Program will provide specialized pediatric training, educational opportunities, and other resources to Johnston County, including online educational courses for individual EMS providers working in Johnston County. Regular program participation earns Johnston County Emergency Services EMS Division a monthly stipend that will be used towards local pediatric care needs.

The PECC+ Program has partnered with ESO Solutions, North Carolina’s EMS data management system, to develop performance feedback tools that utilize real-time field data to promote quick turnaround on performance review and improvement. These state-of-the-art tools are currently only available to the twelve participating PECC+ Program agencies.

In late July, PECCs gathered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a full-day educational Summit where they prepared for their PECC+ role by attending seminars on specialty topics in pediatric care and engaging in hands-on training with both live actors and simulation tools. 

Captain Bissette is eager to begin her role, stating, “I was interested in becoming a PECC because pediatric emergency care has been my passion since I first became involved with EMS.  I feel that specific patient population tends to be underrepresented in the EMS field, and I would love to be a part of evolving and improving overall pediatric care for not only the Johnston County EMS system, but the state of North Carolina as well.”

The PECC+ Program officially begins on September 1 and will run for two years.