Johnston County Issues New Water Shortage Advisory

Johnston County issued a new water shortage advisory Sunday morning, this time due to a purchase supply from the Town of Smithfield being temporarily unavailable to the Johnston County water system. As a result, Johnston County has declared a water shortage advisory for all public water customers they serve.

All customers should immediately refrain from non-essential uses, including irrigation and filling of swimming pools. The County will be closely monitoring the situation daily, but anticipates the water shortage advisory may remain in place through Memorial Day.

In addition, the County is completing construction of a 2 million gallon per day expansion at the Timothy G. Broome Johnston County Water Treatment and expects to have this additional capacity available in the next couple of weeks.

On May 20 a water shortage advisory was issued due to a piping failure at the Johnston County Water Treatment Plant. That advisory was listed May 21st after repairs were made.

Contact Johnston County Public Utilities at 919-989-5075 with any questions.


  1. First of all what exactly is a shortage due to a purchase supply? Second, Johnston County has allowed a huge building boom within it’s borders the likes of which have never been seen! Allowing anyone and everyone to build on every square inch of property has placed a huge strain on the infrastructure. Some HOA’s in Flowers Plantation have lifted the ban on backyard pools and neighbors are taking advantage of that by putting in their own (which I don’t blame them one bit). Maybe for once the County Commissioners and County Manager should take a look at the horrible traffic conditions, over crowded schools, strain on public safety, and now a water shortage. What’s next?

  2. Please, don’t tell the toilet paper and gas hoarders! They’ll be filling up their bathtubs, yeti buckets, and whatever other containers they may have lying around. Weirdos.

  3. I have no intention to stop watering my lawn unless it’s raining. If all the new homes were not built and the new ones being built, THERE WOULD BE NO SHORTAGE!! This should have been thought out before all these new developments got permits. You do not build on borrowed water from another town. If you give a building permit then you better have the water, sewer, police, schools, fire and rescue and roads to back it up or this is what happens. The money sure is good for the county with all the permits or is a part of this money ending up in someone’s pocket? I am not saying this is what is happening but it sure makes me think real hard. Your also going to tell people they can’t fill up there pools with Memorial weekend, HA HA HA HA………..

  4. Well said – all!
    Don’t think the commissioners even read this or hear anything said at board meetings- long as the dollars are lining their pockets.
    more, more, more subdivisions !

    • …and how is this ‘lining their pockets’?
      If crime is being committed, then call the SBI.

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