Johnston County Lawmakers Receive High Scores On NC Values Coalition Report Card

The NC Values Coalition has named two Johnston County lawmakers as 2018 Champions of the Family.

The Coalition scored lawmakers on how much they have championed pro-family values in the NC General Assembly and voted for or against important legislation related to pro-family issues.

Values included protecting religious freedoms, allowing school choice, and ensuring privacy and safety for children.

Representative Larry Strickland of Pine Level and Representative Donna White of Clayton both scored 100 on the report card.

“I am honored to have received a score of 100 from the NC Values Coalition as a member of the N.C. House,” Rep. Strickland told WTSB News. “As the NC Values Coalition stated in their poll, I stood in favor of family values like limiting abortion, protecting religious freedoms, allowing school choice, and ensuring privacy and safety for our children in the 2017 long session.”

“As a legislator, the votes that I cast reflect preserving the dignity of human life, standing to defend and protect marriage and the deeply-held religious beliefs of all North Carolinians.  I further supported the NC Values Coalition efforts to enforce the long-standing privacy and safety rights in public  facilities.   I promise to always place these key values close to me while I am in Raleigh and I will always stand up for my constituents in House District 28 and the citizens of our great state,” Rep. Strickland said.

Rep. White said, “I am pleased to be recognized for my position as a supporter of family values.  As a registered nurse who has spent my professional career in pediatrics, public health, migrant health and aging, I have seen the importance of a strong family unit.  I am an active supporter of the Johnston County Partnership for Children who work daily to provide family support to young families.”

“With the safety issues in our schools, opioid addictions in our community and the high incidences of mental and behavioral health issues in our society, family values are more important than ever,” White told WTSB.

State Senator Rick Horner also scored a perfect 100. Senator Brent Jackson scored 83.

In an email sent to supporters, NC Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald said it was important to advance conservative and Biblical values in our State.

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