Johnston County Public School Employees To Receive Extra $400

All full-time Johnston County Public School employees will receive an extra $400 for Christmas.  The stipend was unanimously approved Tuesday by the Johnston County Board of Education.

“We recognize the time, effort, and dedication that our employees have given to the students of Johnston County Public Schools during this pandemic. Their work is appreciated, valued, and crucial to the success of our students,” stated Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy.

Chief Financial Officer Stephen Britt said there are approximately 4,000 full-time employees. Britt said his goal is for all those employees to have the stipend no later than December 22nd.  Part-time employees will not receive the extra money.

Factoring in benefits, the stipend will cost approximately $2.2 million.  Britt said about $1.7 million will come from federal CARES Act money. The remainder will come from local funds.

The Johnston County School Board also requested Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy prepare a report for their January meeting on how much substitute teachers and bus drivers are making compared to neighboring counties and school districts similar in size to Johnston County.  The board wants to investigate their options on how they can give substitutes and bus drivers a pay raise next year.