Johnston County Schools Reopen Monday

Johnston County Public Schools (JCPS) will reopen Monday for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Here are the numbers:

Projected number of students: 36,550
Number of schools: 45
Total number of employees: 4,446
Number of teachers: 2,677
New employees 356
Number of school buses: 303
Students attending Kindergarten for the first time: 1,968
Budget/Dollars to operate 1 year:
  Local $66,423,277
  State $221,733,044
  Federal $17,340,642
Number of meals served in 2017:
  Breakfast 870,666
  Lunch 2,812,888
  Total 3,683,554
Mobile Classrooms: 200
Miles Dr. Renfrow will travel Monday to visit all 45 schools: 197.58


“JCPS employees, students and parents….I would like to welcome you back to Johnston County Public Schools and hope that your are refreshed and had a wonderful and safe summer,” stated School Board Chairman Mike Wooten. “Administrators, teachers and all supporting staff have worked hard over the summer to make sure our new and existing students and parents that are entering JCPS will have a safe, clean and engaging learning environment this coming school year.

“I challenge JCPS’s students and staff to learn from each other each and every day and make each day better than the day before.  Relationships is the key to a quality education and let’s build on developing those relationships between one another and with each and every student,” Wooten said. “I will close with our 2018-19 School Year Theme “Each Student Counts, Every Moment Matters”.

Superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow told WTSB he is excited about his first-day trip to all 45 school sites. “The first day of school trip is all about supporting our students, parents, community, and all our teammates as we transition away from summer vacation and back to what we hope and pray will be a successful school year for each student.”

“This year we will journey into Phase 3 of JoCo2020 where caring, compassionate, and competent adults will build relationships with all of our students,” Dr. Renfrow said. “Our motivating charge this year could best be summed up as…each student counts, every moment matters.”