Juvenile Behind Violence Threat At Elementary School

Extra precautions are being taken by law enforcement authorities following a threat of mass violence at a Johnston County Elementary School tomorrow (Friday).

The threat involves Cleveland Elementary School located at 10225 Cleveland Road.  The alleged threat was emailed to several students who in turn notified their parents and school officials.  The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office was notified and immediately launched an investigation.

With the help of the NC SBI, authorities identified the electronic device used to send the threat.  The device is now in the hands of SBI agents for forensic analysis.

Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Don Pate told WTSB News on Thursday officials suspect a juvenile made the threat.  A juvenile who attends Cleveland Elementary has been suspended in connection with the threat.

Pate said the threat is not credible however, out of an abundance of caution, extras measures have been taken by the sheriff’s office. Officials would not say specifically what extra measures are being taken.

Previous Threats
In February, a Cleveland High student was charged with making threats of mass violence at his school. In May, a 16 year-old student at Clayton High threatened on social media to shoot others at the school. He was quickly arrested.  In October, a 17 year-old student who attended Smithfield Selma High was arrested for threatening to blow up the school.

On September 30th, about one third of the student body at North Johnston High didn’t attend classes that day following rumors of an act of violence.  Some parents say they kept their children home from school because of the rumors and misinformation that had spread on social media.