Latest Poll Shows Public Split On Leadership

Results of a recent poll of registered voters across the state show North Carolinians are split on several issues — including government leadership.

Overall, the poll reveals that 55 percent of those involved in the survey think North Carolina is heading on the wrong track. Just 31 percent think the state is headed in the right direction and 13 percent don’t know or are unsure.

The poll, which was conducted by the Raleigh-based, conservative think-tank Civitas, shows voters are split on their approval of Gov. Roy Cooper and President Donald Trump.

The new governor has an overall approval rating of 50 percent, according to the poll taken Feb. 7 to 9 by telephone of 600 registered, likely voters. The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 4 percent.

Only 26 percent said they totally disapprove of the job Gov. Cooper is doing while one-quarter of those polled said they don’t know.

Breaking down the governor’s support further finds 22 percent of voters strongly approve of his work while 28 percent somewhat approve.

On the negative side, only 11 percent somewhat disapprove of the job he’s doing while 15 percent say they strongly disapprove.

The numbers reflecting voter thoughts about the current North Carolina Legislature show a different feeling.

According to the poll, 39 percent totally approve of the job legislators have done so far this term while 43 percent totally disapprove.

The numbers reveal even more negative thoughts as only 10 percent strongly approve while 29 percent somewhat approve.

The numbers are similar when it comes to disapproval. Just 15 percent somewhat disapprove of the legislature’s current job while 28 percent strongly disapprove and 18 percent say they don’t know.

The poll reveals that 42 percent of those canvassed would vote for a Democratic candidate while 37 percent say they would vote for a GOP candidate.

On the national level the overall ratings of President Trump are split evenly.

The number of voters who totally approve of his performance and those who totally disprove are both 46 percent.

Breaking the numbers down further one finds that 29 percent of those voters polled said they strongly approve of the job President Trump is doing while 16 percent say they somewhat approve.

On the other end of the spectrum, only 8 percent say they strongly disapprove of his efforts while 39 percent strongly disapprove. Eight percent say they don’t know.

The Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — has numbers similar to the president’s. Polled voters are split with 46 percent of them saying they totally approve of the program and 46 percent totally disapprove. Further breakdown shows 27 percent strongly approve of Obamacare while 18 percent somewhat approve. Conversely, 10 percent somewhat disapprove while 36 percent say they strongly disapprove. Only 8 percent say they don’t know. Courtesy The Daily Record