Expired: Motorist Robbed After Stopping At Rural Intersection

A motorist was robbed after stopping for a stop sign at a rural intersection Thursday.

It happened around 4:30am on Highway 581 in northern Wayne County. Deputies said the victim had stopped for a stop sign on Charidge Nursery Road when a woman walked in front of his car preventing him from moving forward. The female then placed her hands on the car preventing him from driving off.

The driver rolled down his side window to make sure the woman was okay. When he did, a male suddenly approached from the rear of the car and grabbed the driver through the open window.  The victim was pushed down and over, allowing the male suspect to hit the unlock button on the door and gain access inside the vehicle.

The woman then entered the car and took the victim’s wallet that had been on the console.

Detectives identified and later arrested two suspects they say are responsible for the crime.  Tina Marie Woodlief, 47, and Allan David McAllister, 27, both of River Bluff Drive, Goldsboro were charged with common law robbery, second degree kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit robbery.  Both were confined in the Wayne County Jail under a $100,000 bond.