Nearly All Wayne County Public Schools To Reopen Under Plan C – Full Remote Instruction

GOLDSBORO – On Wednesday, August 5, the Wayne County Board of Education in a split 4-2 decision voted to reopen schools under Plan C – Full Remote Instruction – for the first three weeks of school for all schools except Wayne Early/Middle College High and Wayne School of Engineering. The two Cooperative Innovative High Schools will reopen under Plan B as planned.

The Board made the decision after hearing a Plan B update from the district administration. Serious concerns were raised by administrators about the need for more time to be able to provide adequate training to teachers in order for them to more effectively teach students in a hybrid face-to-face and remote instruction model. Administrators also expressed that having extra time would allow for accurate enrollment data to be obtained, clear bus routes to be finalized, purchased technology to be received, and buildings to be fully prepared for students to return in face-to-face instruction.

While all Board members in attendance were in agreement that nearly all schools needed to reopen under Plan C, the Board passionately debated how much time would be sufficient to give schools to prepare for the transition to Plan B. Those in favor of the motion for three weeks of full remote instruction were Vice-Chair Strickland and Board members Leatham, Faulk, and Democko. Those who voted against the motion because they were in favor of four weeks of full remote instruction were Chair West and Board member Burden.

The instructional schedules for WCPS schools are now as follows:

Key Dates School Instructional Plan
August 12 Goldsboro High First Day of School – Plan C
August 12 Wayne Early/Middle College High First Day of School – Plan B
August 12 Wayne School of Engineering First Day of School – Plan B
August 17 Traditional Academic Calendar Schools First Day of School – Plan C
September 3 Goldsboro High Start of Plan B
September 8 Traditional Academic Calendar Schools Start of Plan B
Families should be on the lookout for updates and information from the district and their child’s school in the coming days about what reopening under Plan C and the transition to Plan B will look like. Parents can review the most current updates and Plan C instructional model on the district website at: