Noise Ordinance Moves One Hour

By Melody Brown-Peyton

Clayton town members have approved a one hour change in their Noise Ordinance for Downtown Businesses.

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Grannis recently polled 119 residents that live in or near Downtown Clayton. The majority of those polled, 93,  said they did not have an issue with the town moving enforcement of the noise ordinance an hour from 9pm until 10pm.  However, 26 did not want the ordinance to change.

During a public hearing, a Front Street resident said that by moving the ordinance up an hour it shows that the town is siding with businesses and could care less about residents.

The Clayton Planning Board looked at noise ordinances from nearby towns like Apex, Holly Springs and Wake Forest. All have noise ordinances beginning at the 10pm.

The argument was made that 9pm is not an usual time to have loud music playing.

“Sometimes council members have to make decision that not all of agree with and this is one of those cases,” Grannis said. “When, I look at approving this ordinance and only 26 oppose, it seems obvious that my vote should be a yes. I don’t particularly care for this ordinance change, but I’m going with the voice of the people.”

The ordinance was unanimously approved.

The one hour delay now gives an extra hour to Downtown Businesses for music and other live venues which could potentially increase their revenue. Research has shown that people who live in small towns like Clayton love them for their charm including the night life that is available.  Photo by John Payne