Over 380 Graduate From CCCC’s Medical Programs

The Central Carolina Community College Medical Programs graduation was held Dec. 12 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.

More than 380 people are the most recent graduates of the Central Carolina Community College’s Medical Programs, which held its graduation on Dec. 12 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.

The certificate areas include Cardiovascular Monitor Technician, Central Sterile Processing, Emergency Medical Services, Massage Therapy, Medical Billing and Coding, Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II, Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician.

Sarah Knight, a Nurse Aide I graduate, was among the student speakers. “As a small child, I was adopted into the best family I could ask for. … I want to become a nurse because I have a great desire to help other individuals the way I was helped,” she said. “Nursing is not always easy, there will be hard days that make you question whether or not this field is the right one, but the good days make nursing so enjoyable.”

EMT graduate Richard O’Neal also was a student speaker. “Being a medic is not about the money, never will be. It’s a higher calling that far outweighs a paycheck,” he said. “A medic is one who performs acts of heroism, yet never calls themselves a hero.” O’Neal said that being a part of public safety means being part of an exciting and rewarding family.

Donald Morrison, Nurse Aide I instructor in Harnett County, gave the invocation.

Welcoming remarks were by Lisa Baker, CCCC Dean of Health Sciences and Human Services.

Dr. Jon Matthews, CCCC Harnett County Provost, introduced the student speakers.

The presentation of students was by Toni Williams, CCCC Medical Program Coordinator in Chatham County.

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman presented certificates and had closing remarks. “You all will be making the difference in people’s lives every single day,” Dr. Chapman told the graduates. “We say thank you for all you’re going to do. We appreciate you. We’re very, very proud of you. And we’re excited to celebrate with you tonight.”

Program Coordinators, who introduced their respective faculty members, are Toni Williams (Chatham County), Lennie Stephenson (Harnett County), Sandra Hurley (Lee County), and Susan Macklin (EMS Programs).

Following the graduation, class members met their families and friends in the Civic & Conference Center foyer for hugs and more picture taking.

Sarah Knight was one of the student speakers at the Central Carolina Community College Medical Programs graduation. The event was held Dec. 12 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.

The graduates, by certificate and county, are:

Cardiovascular Monitor Technician

Harnett County: Julie Cardin, Jennnifer R. Ellis, Jessica Jackson, Leah McNeill, Julissa Mitchell, Terra C. Pearson, Michael Potts, Kaitlin Rogers, Laytoya Denise Surles, Belen Torres, Elizabaeth Torres, Miriam Torres, Sheila Williams.

Johnston County: Sati Dublin.

Lee County: Harvey Ray Brooks III, Angie Dowd, Jesenia Shavon Johnson, Carmen Jordon, Syble Vause Mann, Sherry Estrella Montiel-Garcia, Meleah Cherrell Person, Yarlin Sanchez-Perez, Guadalupe Vazquez, Riane Michelle Waldron.

Moore County: Jason Owens, Daniell Stowe Ward.

Wake County: Anthony E. Leggio Jr.

Central Sterile Processing

Chatham County: Nathan Eric Fox Jr., Susan McPherson, Regina Wright.

Cumberland County: Denzel Gordon.

Lee County: Diane Alexander, Jonathan Matthews.

Emergency Medical Services

Chatham County: Matthew Beck, Devin Brady, Justin Bray, Madison Gaines, Joshua Glasson, Dylan Smith, Kevin White, Morgan Willett.

Cumberland County: Patrick Field, Dianna Hair, Chelsea Hudson, Michael Nelson.

Durham County: Michael Zheng.

Gaston County: Jonathan Riemer.

Harnett County: Abigail Agyei-Boateng, Akhil Alda, Julien Bacunawa-Troche, Joshua Barna, Brock Browing, LaToi Bryant, Antonio Carrion, Stephen Colville, Jason Cromwell, Abigail Daniels, Steven Douville, Giselle Fearson, Brandy Grimes, Katon Hartwood, Ethan Henderson, Jody Hudson, Melissa Kinney, Robert Logan, Reyna Pacheco, Anna Pitman, Jennifer Rickard, Ruby Azuzena Rincon, Yusrah Seddiki, Aastha Shah, Siara Southerland, Quadasha Spearman, Wells Tyler, Daniel Williams, Robert Woodruff.

Johnston County: Blake Grandy, Wesley Johnson.

Lee County: Kelly Carrel, Emma Cowfer, Merek Finn, Matthew Godley, Katlynn Premo, Justin Smith, Brook Such, Brian Willett.

Moore County: Timothy Hardman, Patricia Harrison, Hunter Nadeau, Madison Prevatte.

Orange County: Justin Chandler, Dylan Graham.

Randolph County: Robert Beal, Eric Canter.

Wake County: Braden Bennett, Christopher Burns, Matthew Jackson, Robert Nooney, Emily Powers, Emmanuelle Yagnye, Sophia Zhang.

Massage Therapy

Harnett County: Angela McBryde.

Lee County: Glenda R. Cruz, Maria Magdalena Cruz Vasquez, Dinah S. Venable.

Wake County: Mayra Marlen Espinosa-Sanchez, Erin Ross, Jeannine M. Tripp.

Medical Billing and Coding

Chatham County: Terry C. Harrington, Sara Oldham.

Harnett County: Molly Dale, Sheley B. Eldridge, Jaquana J. Gilmore, Sherry Guin, Tyrika Malloy, Ronald R. Timmerman.

Johnston County: Briana McGee.

Lee County: Tracey Renee Husketh, Kelli D. McLeod, Majorie Parker, David A. Symes.

Moore County: Lourdes A. Castellanos Nunez.

Wake County: Tiara Lorane Richardson McDuffie.

Nurse Aide I

Alamance County: Damian Carter, Eden Rose Dimitrov.

Chatham County: Yaseen Ali, Sally A. Bassett, Madison Burkett, Steffanny R. Dubon Benard, Nicole M. Finley, Erica Goldston, Mechelle Annette Green, Emily J. Keller, Gregory Koher, Taylor Alexus Lynch, Adriana Magana-Sanchez, Michelle Martinez, Juana Mendez-Vasquez, Pamela Mitarotondo, Raquel Moreno-Dominguez, Monica Adrianne Morgart, Megan G. Myers, Amber Dawn Smith, Jazmine L. Taft, Melissa Thompson, Makayla Toornman, Ashanti Jamese Watson.

Cumberland County: Shahnee Haire, Jalesia Watson, Angela Williams.

Guilford County: Aislyn Shoffner.

Harnett County: Wendy Gabriela Alba, Saram M. Almashhadani, Lauren Grace Ammons, Madyson Arnold, Lizbeth Arvizu Benavidez, Ashley Christine Beck, Allison R. Blanchard, Shavayshia Blue, Erin Britton, Gabrielle Clay, Dana Lynn Cooley, Tiezayah Amory Cummings, Maxwell Elliott, Leah-Noelle Evans, Ardelia Flowers, Ashley Nicole Fortner, Mickayla Fountain, Alisha Nicole Francisco, Kasey Genthe, Sonia Noemi Gonzalez, Autumn Grogg, Brandy Kay Hampton, Zaria Hicks, Jada Devine Horne, Jacob Matthew Jenkins, Doniesha Johnson, Jada Jones, Tayshah A. Josey, Rebecca Jubert, Amy Kautz, Elisha Kennedy, Tyler Joshua Kliewer, Myiesha A. Mayhew, Hollie Maynard, Talia Maynard, JaQuana McBryde, Tenaejah Arionna Lynee McDougald, Brooke McLamb, Dora McNeill, Nikita Middleton, Loveanna Mercedes Moore, Jolee Nicholson, Shelah Ogletree, Jennifer Overby, Ciana Nicole Parker, Miracle Guadalupe Patino Espino, Dakota Pointer, Glynn Carolina Pope, Bianca Ratliff, Meridith Caitlin Rice Whaley, Destiny Riddle, Andrea Ritenour, Megan Elisa Roberts, Rachel Marie Rodriguez, Carissa Rochelle Shelly, Emily Renee Viloria-Perez, Robyn Webb, Taylor Brooke Wilson, Denise Jean Youngs.

Hoke County: Brianna Stoll.

Johnston County: Sarah Bass, Michael Bastin, Skylar Duquette, Chariti S. Snead.

Lee County: Beverly Autrey, Abigayle Baker, Adelide Christine Bass, Leanna Boggs, Aliyah Buntrock, Paola Buruca, Anjellica Carter, Kayla Mae Childress, Theresa Ann Collins, Jonie Ann Drossart, Caroline Frazer, Emily S. Gibson, David L.C. Green, Christina Hair, Brandi Ni’Cole Hurley, Kathleen Elizabeth Johnson, Hannah Elizabeth Jolly, Jasmine Jones, Sarah Katherine Knight, Chelsey Francis Lizana, Georgia Lucas, Whitney H. Matthews, Tyeisha Lynnette McDougald, Tyler Marie McLamb, Valerie Victoria Miller, Janiya Tylee Murchison, Eve Thurain Patterson, Candy Lizbeth Pedroza, Jennifer Placke, Lauren Rhodes, Laura Rivera, Ava Saenz, Yesenia Alicea Santiago, Valerie Smith, Jayla N. Snipes, Leslie Aracely Lemus Sotelo, Yessica Valenzuela-Santana, Emily Johnson Vauthier, Noemi Benitez Vivas, Aubrey Wilder, Lori Williams, Jean Patterson Williams, Ki’Aundra Ty’asia Williams, Alyia Williams, Madison T. Wimberly, Quotisha Womack.

Moore County: Alexis Faye Boyer, Valentina M. Callaham, Sarah Elizabeth Gillenwater, Lauren Porter, Sandra E. Rodriguez, Melissa A. Spivey, Hannah Tyner.

Randolph County: Sadi Cagle, Lindsey Goss, Amy J. Hughes, Madison Wilson.

Wake County:  Caitlyn Garr, Diann Yvonne Roberts, Kirsten Renee Loveless.

Nurse Aide II

Harnett County: Terra C. Pearson, Elizabeth Torres, Dana Williams.

Lee County: Sharron Williams.

Randolph County: LaTasha Staley, Cassandra Kay Snipes.


Cumberland County: Tracie Boahn.

Duplin County: Bryan T. Warren.

Harnett County: Brandy Renee Boahn, Andrew Alex Maldonado.

Lee County: Kristen Bree Dowdy.

Montgomery County: Daniel Garrison Tadlock.

Moore County: Richard A. O’Neal Jr., Sherry Mae Sturdivant.

Richmond County: Johnathan Dewitt, Keith Argene Kottwitz II.

Pharmacy Technician

Chatham County: Yolonda Austin, Ruben Alejandro Esquivel Rios, Tammy Michelle Gause, Tarja Nettles, Kimberly Dawn Phillips, Ricky Quinones.

Cumberland County: Gabriela Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Victoria Suzanne Menszak.

Durham County: Dominic Eshun.

Richard O’Neal was one of the student speakers at the Central Carolina Community College Continuing Education Medical Programs graduation. The event was held Dec. 12 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.

Harnett County: Samantha Adams, Jolita G. Alonzo, Lakiesha M. Butler, Annita Fenae Chrisp-Davis, DeOnnie Dawn-yeah Erickah Rodgers, Searria J. Fisher, Candice Holleman, Emma Kay Roberts, Michelle Rea Shellhammer, Christina J. Ulep, Angel L. Velazquez.

Lee County: Patrice Shondai Bethea, Cindy G. Bryan, Laura Matthews Burns, Yu Han Di Ilio, Janel D. Dorsett, Carolina G. Leonor-Velasco, Mahogany Sheppard, Mayra Rosa Soto, Dani Nicole Stone, Susan Michele Wells, Ashley M. Yarborough.

Moore County: Peggy B. Buchanan.

Wake County: Charletta Renee Barnes, Yolonda Yvette Edwards, Stella Marie P. Paras.

Phlebotomy Technician

Alamance County: Diana Hernandez.

Chatham County: Luis Basilio Cardoso, April Brown, Dora Cantrell, Sierra Garcia, Tsenia Cherrelle Agnes Kelley, Tabatha Maya, Stevie-Ra Louise McElroy, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Jessica Sales, Sabrina Spruiell.

Cumberland County: Alisha Fowler, Ivette Navarro.

Durham County: Joanne Schwentker.

Harnett County: Madison Byrd, Alexis Morgan Cook, Jennifer R. Ellis, Eduardo Carmona Garcia, Maria V. Gonzalez, Shaquana Hyman, Erick J. Kuruklis, Leah Laneyh, Kaitlin Alysse Lowrimore, Aquasha Lamonsha Massey, Delane Elizabeth O’Brien, Alexis A. Richardson, Evelyn Rubio-Cervantes, Marbella Salvador, Julia Samuels, Ninnoshka Sharpe, Shaquella Tucker, Erica White, Sheila Williams.

Lee County: Manda Anunga, Meredith Gintzig, Kevin Lee Johnson, Cynthia Grace Kellerman, Leslie Aracely Lemus Sotelo, Mikaela Mulch, Dominque Norwood, Candy Lizbeth Pedroza, Danielle Robertson, Rainey D. Rogers, Lucy Rubio, Christopher Shaw, Jessica Taylor, Rebecca Turner, Cierra White, Quintrice N. Womble.

Moore County: Emperatriz Morales Salgado.

Orange County: Kimberly M. Jones, Paige Taylor.

Randolph County: Alyssa Paige Binkley.

Richmond County: Wendy Nicholson.

Sampson County: Candace Kalerina Evans.

Wake County: Lakeisha Latrice Dixon, Janice Hare, Maria Hernandez, Kassandra Quintana.