Police: 6 Smithfield Stores Sold Alcohol To Teens Working With Undercover Officers

Smithfield Police have announced the completion of an alcohol sales compliance check at 30 convenience stores and retail locations with off-premise ABC permits inside the Smithfield city limits.  The checks were conducted in December and January.

According to Captain R. Sheppard, the compliance checks enlisted 19 year-old confidential informants who were tasked with attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages. The informants used their North Carolina Identification Cards showing that they would not turn 21 until the year 2022. The informants provided their identification to every clerk who requested it and gave them their correct age if asked by the clerks.

Police said 6 of the 30 stores sold alcoholic beverages to the confidential informants during the operation. The stores were:

• Exxon, 836 W. Market Street

• CITGO, 825 Brogden Road

• Tienda & Taqueria, 3207 S. Brightleaf Blvd

• ABC Store, 417 S. Brightleaf Blvd

• Simple Twist Tap Room, 228 E. Market Street

• Carolina Pottery, 1000 Outlet Center Drive

Each person who sold the confidential informant an alcoholic beverage were issued citations for selling alcoholic beverages to an underage person. The alcoholic beverages included malt beverages, unfortified wine and spirituous liquor. The results of the operation have been forwarded to North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement.