Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Assault Inside County Office Building

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police are investigating an assault that reportedly occurred inside a Johnston County Government office building. Around 10:53am Monday, police responded to the Johnston County Department of Social Services (DSS) on North Street.

Police confirmed they took a report for an alleged incident involved two juveniles at the DSS Building. A police spokesperson referred all questions to Johnston County officials.

Sources tell us the alleged assault involved a male and female juvenile reportedly in the custody of the Department of Social Services. An employee was assigned to supervise the juveniles at the time, but somehow the male was able to allegedly sexually assault the female.

On Wednesday, the Department of Social Services released the following statement to the Johnston County Report:

“The Johnston County Department of Social Services is aware of a police report citing an alleged assault within the agency on Monday, October 2, 2023. Due to the confidential nature of our services, the Department is not allowed to share specific information regarding this report.”

“The Department wants to assure the public that it takes the allegations in the report seriously and is fully cooperating with the proper officials. The safety of the public and our visitors is a top priority and the Department is dedicated to its mission of providing services that are intended to promote the health, wellbeing, self-sufficiency and protection of families, children and adults within our community in a safe and secure environment.”

Because the case involves juveniles, very little information is being released, and officials would not confirm the information we received from our sources. The ages of the juvenile victim and suspect was not disclosed by police or the DSS, but one source claims the girl was 7 years of age.

Police said the investigation remains ongoing.


  1. Come on all of you social justice warriors along with our mostly peaceful-partly violent protesters and let’s celebrate these third world crime waves that are now susessfullly popping up inside the walls of our local governments.  This should be the awakening moment for all of you law abiding citizens to come to the realization that allowing the 10,000 aday to flood across the southern border into the lands that the white man stole is really crashing the government and the safe society that all of you thought you had.  You will be reluctantly apart of this history making movement when we remake your government and nationalize all private property in order to provide aid and comfort to these needy poor souls that will be loyal for generations!!!

  2. Sexual misconduct inside a county office building? Sounds like a JoCo commissioner is on the prowl. #VoteOutIncumbents

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