Puppy Scam Costs Woman $500

CLAYTON – Maltipoos are popular pets for many people. They are a mix between Maltese and Poodle and can carry the appearance of a puppy for most of their lives.

A Clayton woman recently saw a Maltipoo for sale online. The woman said she contacted the seller who informed her to fill out an application. Afterwards, she was told she could have the dog for $500. The victim immediately made payment.

Afterwards, the alleged seller began making excuses why they couldn’t meet to deliver the dog. The seller continued to miss appointments and did not refund the money.

The victim reported the incident to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Humane Society, internet scammers steal money from people thinking they are buying a new pet when in fact the animal never really existed. The Humane Society says many pet ads on legitimate looking websites don’t exist and scammers prey upon dog lovers who want to offer homes to puppies.