Rep. Donna White Co-Sponsors Breast And Cervical Cancer Check-Off Donation Bill

Representative Donna White (R-Clayton) has co-sponsored the Breast and Cervical Cancer Check-Off Donation Bill.  Representatives Nelson Dollar, Linda Johnson, Holly Grange, Susan Martin and Julia Howard have also signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.

If approved, it will allow all state taxpayers in North Carolina to donate some or all of their state tax return to the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Program in the Division of Public Health.

“The program provides screening tests for breast and cervical cancer for low income clients,” Rep. White said.  There are state appropriations for the program but funding falls short to serve everyone that needs the test.

“This is a volunteer opportunity and a quick way to give a little toward early detection of breast and cervical cancer,” Rep. White told WTSB News.

If this bill passes, a simple check off box would be added on NC Tax Return forms, which could generate millions of additional dollars to address early cancer detection.