Safety Improvements To Be Made Near Selma Train Depot

Selma Train DepotThe Town of Selma has agreed to make safety improvements around the Train Station following concerns raised by the NC Department of Transportation (NC DOT).  In April, the NC DOT said they were notified by train station attendants about several near-miss incidents between pedestrians and cars on East Railroad Street, a town owned street.  Visitors to the caboose exhibit have to stand in the street to read an exhibit sign, and there is no dedicated crosswalk for pedestrians. Highway officials also said the speed limit is not posted along that section of Railroad Street and some vehicles are crossing the center of the road unnecessarily, creating a more uncertain crossing for pedestrians.

In response, the town has agreed to lower the speed limit on Railroad Street between E. Anderson Street and Sellers Street from 35mph to 20mph. The caboose display will be relocated out of the street.

Town leaders have asked the DOT to install and maintain pavement markings indicating the lower speed limit and pedestrian crossing.