SBI Investigating Excessive Force Allegations Against Micro Police

MICRO – The NC State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate an incident involving a Micro police officer. The investigation centers around allegations a part-time police officer used excessive force against an 88 year-old man.

On May 16, 2021, Micro Police cited the elderly man, Ray Hail of E. Fayetteville Street, Micro, with resisting a public officer.

Reached last week, Micro Police Chief T. Macon Jones confirmed an internal investigation was underway in the matter. He would not release any additional details.

Johnston County Report confirmed today (Wednesday), District Attorney Susan Doyle has now requested the NC SBI investigate the incident at the request of her office and Chief Jones.

Attempts to reach Mr. Hail have been unsuccessful. However, social media posts made by a relative of the 88 year-old man allege Hail was sitting in a parked car in front of his home May 16th when the officer pulled him from the vehicle and placed him on the ground. During the incident, Hail sustained minor injuries. The post said Mr. Hail is a Korean War Veteran who has spent the last 18 months defeating cancer, having a pacemaker replaced, a major knee surgery and other age-related health issues.

Another social media post, reportedly from an eyewitness, claims the police officer spent 10 minutes asking Mr. Hail “nicely” to exit his vehicle but he refused. He also refused an ambulance that was requested. “In my opinion when you don’t listen to what the police are telling you, you get what you get” the alleged witness stated.

A citation issued by Micro police officer M. Creech alleges the 88 year-old man “…did willfully resist or delay or obstruct a public officer in discharging or attempting to discharge a duty of his office.”

The misdemeanor charge against Mr. Hail for resisting a public officer is scheduled for trial on June 8, 2021 in Johnston County District Court.


  1. Make every cop wear body cams and make them public records again and that will help solve some of the problems.

    • My question is what was an “88” yr old man being arrested for if he was sitting in his vehicle in his own yard? …. The officer best be glad this wasn’t my father!

      • Sounds like a threat and that could get you into a pickle. Why don’t you wait for the full report before running your mouth. You already have a witness that said he was asked for 10 minutes nicely to step out of his car. EMS was called but declined it. Just because of his age does not give the right to disregard what an officer of the law says. At this point we do not know the reason the officer asked him to step out of the car but we will. As far as all the other statements on this page, I agree that all police officers need to wear body cams. It’s for there own protection.

  2. The same way it solved the problem in Elizabeth City when the body cam clearly showed a vehicle being turned into a deadly weapon. The family attorney and the Rev. Barber can only see that the subject was clearly executed. Yea, the same Rev. Barber that our Johnston County Teachers Union Teachers joined with back when the immoral Monday would be held in Raleigh.

    • I think if we lock up all the liberal agitators, this country could be on the road to a very quick recovery!

  3. Definitely not surprising having personal experiences working with Creech. He is a disgrace to law enforcement. No one in the county wants to back him up due to his behavior.

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