School Board Reversal: 4-3 Vote To Mandate Masks This School Year

JCPS board members Kay Carroll, Al Byrd, Terri Sessoms and Lyn Andrews raise their hands in favor of mandatory face masks in all Johnston County Public Schools. The measure passed 4-3 reversing a July 29 decision allowing parental choice.

Less than two weeks after voting to allow parental choice this school year on masks in Johnston County Public Schools, the Board of Education reversed that decision tonight (Tuesday) in a split vote. Students will now be required to wear face masks in all K-12 public schools.

The decision was made in part following a new report from the Johnston County Public Health Department that 14.1 percent of all patients being tested are COVID-19 positive.

School board member Kay Carroll, who made the motion for the mask mandate tonight, said, “What we’ve seen with schools that have already taken in, and the number of quarantines they’ve already experienced, and the fact that I think 80 percent of the cases now are the new Delta variant (inaudible) that we mandate masks K-12 in the school system so we can give the system, the students, the teachers and our staff the best opportunity to give them a normal school semester at least.”

Board Vice Chair Terri Sessoms seconded the motion saying, “We are now at 14.1 percent. That is the same level where we were in December when the Health Department urged us to shut the schools down. And I don’t know of any families that want schools shut down again.”

Lyn Andrews who voted for parental choice July 29th, switched her position and voted tonight for mandatory masking.

Lyn Andrews

“We cannot control the rules for the students who test positive. That is what my main emphasis is. We have no control over what they tell us has to happen when kids test positive. If we had some control over it we might do something different but we can’t change it. We can’t not quarantine kids. And understand we do not have remote learning,” Andrews said just prior to the split vote.

“And I tell you all, I am going to lose sleep if I see a student, and we will… If I see a kid, he goes home August 25th, that’s the third day of school, he gets sent home for 10 days. He has nothing but a packet of work to take home with him. He comes back 10 days later, he gets exposed again, he’s going home for another 10 days. How in the world are we going to increase academic achievement if we can’t keep our kids in school? I don’t like the protocol. I don’t like the rules but we have to go by them.”

Board members Kay Carroll, Al Byrd, Terri Sessoms and Lyn Andrews voted for mandatory masking.

Board members Ronald Johnson, Chairman Todd Sutton and Mike Wooten voted against. The mask mandate passed 4-to-3.


  1. Let me guess it was a closed meeting so they didn’t have to look parents in the face as they made this stupid decision! Masks DO NOT work so this will do nothing to stop/slow or otherwise mitigate the spread of the plandemic.

    More people to kick off the board!

      • Gee that’s no surprise they went against the rules! We need to take them to task on this as well as vote them all out!!

  2. Thank you for common sense. It’s good to see people are capable of making different decisions based off of an ever changing situation. Andrews makes a good point about protocols – like masks or not, no one wants their child out of school for 10 days! Masks at least give us the best chance to limit the number of kids who will have to quarantine. They aren’t a vaccine or fool proof, but it’s a tool we can use to help keep our kids in the classroom and not at home.

    And this is an ever evolving thing, if the numbers come down I’m sure it will be revisited. Makes sense to start off as cautious as possible, you can always dial it back if it proves to be overkill.

    • I’m not sure why you would send a kid home just because they were exposed to the virus. What sense does that make? Out of over 615,000 deaths in this country due to COVID, and that’s if you’re so naive that you believe that’s accurate, only 350 were of children under the age of 18. January deaths in US- 31,000, February- 47,500, March- 22,700, April- 18,400, May- 14,500, June- 7,500, July- 5,500. Now, let’s consider this data of all COVID deaths for a moment. It’s trending down. You wouldn’t think that listening to the news would you? Why? Oh, because they are giving you irrelevant data so as to trick you. The Delta variant is raging. Really? The Delta variant is more transmissible. Ok? So does that really tell us anything when we’re trying to decide if we can send children to school under normal circumstances for the first time in a year or more. Sending them home for 10 days? Really? Everyone is aware of the situation. There are no experts on COVID. Why? Because we all are leaning at the same time in real time are we not. Do I need the school board to vote on face masks? I don’t think so. They are not the foremost authority on the science. I am. If my child comes home after being exposed, then I have a decision to make on how to handle what they do after school. But as far as I’m concerned, they can go to school where everyone over 17 has either been vaccinated or decided not to. Either way, they assumed the risk of being around other people who may have be exposed to COVID at any point in time. And guess what, some people will feel the effects of it, but most won’t. A few, and I mean a very few, will fair roughly, but will make it. And a small percentage, if I’m considering the math and the fact that the vaccinations have a little affect on how COVID effects the individual, then way less than the prior average deaths will occur. That prior average for was around 1%. That included the elderly and more vulnerable who it did have a higher death rate. Now, it’s safe to assume that would be way, way, way less. Will there be spikes? Yes. It may increase 12% for instance. But just like my first point was, they are giving you an increase of contracting the virus, not deaths. Also, that’s from the previous week, but a running average. Also. that is comparing to recent data, not back when the numbers were really high. So telling me that last weeks total of 15,000 cases of COVID jumped to 20,000 cases was a 33% jump is not that big of a deal to me if you tell me it was 15,000 to 22,000(statewide). If that was 60,000 jumping to 80,000, leaving a 20,000 case jump, maybe it would perk my ears a bit. But these are cases where people just are sick, not dead. And that’s a varying range of sicknesses. The country has pretty much opened up full scale and the summer time combined with the fact that people are reacting to the pure angst of being pinned for so long, has seen people come out to events and beaches, parks, lakes, etc. So with all that, the numbers are still dropping. You wear your mask and have your child wear theirs if you want, but my son will be allowed to choose. If they don’t reverse this decision, then I think we should show up at the schools and block entry of all children. Enough is enough of being lied to by public health officials and people being so ignorant of facts that they are basically forced to go along with it. I understand that this really puts out local board members in a tough position, but as far as I’m concerned they need to withdraw their votes, all 7, strike them from the record, and recuse themselves of any such power over that decision. It does not lie with government, it is a personal decision.

  3. Parents. You pay taxes. You pay for schools, teachers, and these dam*ed politicians. You decide what’s best for your kids. Time to practice civil disobedience and not mask your kids.

    Also who the f**k does Sutton believe he is? He stopped one parent because she criticized Sessoms. But Sessoms can talk all the sh*t she wants to the public like she did last meeting. F**k all of them.

      • Me saying civil disobedience is the wrong attitude? I’m sure if you ask Rosa Parks, Gandhi, MLK, and many others that civil disobedience is the right attitude. The wrong attitude is the board members who go against parents’ wishes. Nothing was stopping parents who wanted to mask up their kids and send them to school. That’s their right. But parents who don’t want to mask up their kids should also have that right. But now their rights are being trampled on by fear mongering politicians. So yeah, send the kids without masks if the parents choose to.

        Or is my wrong attitude in saying f**k Sutton? No. It’s the right attitude. Parents should be allowed to criticize politicians in public for their behavior. And Sessoms was a ***** last meeting for speaking to the people like she did. So she should get the same treatment. But God forbid any member be called out.

        I still stand by what I said.

  4. Parents this voter was to remind you of who owns your kids, the “Squad of CRT Cult” does! Parents I see that the new see through mesh masks that are available online makes a very breathable protest mask for all occasions.

  5. Shame on them. They should go out and meet the people who live here. I guarantee most don’t want their kids muzzled.

    At least now we know who to vote against.

  6. Just close the da*n schools already, and disband the BOE. The schools are all under-performing and over-crowded anyway. Let parents pay for private or charter schools and get the government out of the education system, finally!

  7. Thank you women, mothers and 1, for common sense, and putting our children first. True leadership learns assess and reassess, using facts. Let’s wip this virus! Joco strong!

      • Here you go
        This was the most recent study solely in regards to NC schools.

        And it’s not the science that changed, it’s the increasing numbers. There is exponential growth which will remain exponential without mitigation efforts, then there is logistic growth which slows the rate of exponentiation which can be achieved with mitigation.
        There was a way out of this mess if everyone who could get vaccinated did, but some couldn’t be bothered so we are stuck having to mask, wash our hands frequently, etc. And when schools are forced to shut down, again, I will be blaming people like you.

    • Roy read the last paragraph in your link. You sir are defeated your own argument.

      “Of course, no public venue is without risk at this point, and masks will never be 100 percent protective, even if used 100 percent of the time. However, in combination with social distancing, our cloth masks are very effective at preventing the spread of the virus. Remember, your mask protects other people; their masks protect you.”

      • Roy, MIT does not have a med school. The piece you cite is from the medical services folks at MIT. Every university has a medical facility for students. These folks are making recommendations for students, faculty and staff based on the science.

    • It is not really about any protection. It is all about knowing you have the power and wielding it on the rubes out in JoCo who the board feels are not as smart as them. All us thinking people know these masks don’t work which is why they have made no difference in this whole scamdemic. And a quick search of decades of research confirm that fact as long as you do a date limited search before the year 2020 when actual science performed via the scientific method became “The Science” which is determined by what control the pol’s need.

    • Pot meet Kettle. You rail against the board for “not doing research” and then you present an article supposedly backing your point about cloth masks not working. If you read anything beyond the title you would realize the article from MIT actually concludes we SHOULD wear cloth masks. The article states cloth masks proved ineffective in “high-risk situations”, which they explain is working in a hospital with repeated exposure to the virus in very close proximity, often times including physical contact with positive patients.

      Going to school and working directly with covid patients all day long are 2 very different things, I think anyone can agree on that. We all recognize hospitals require more PPE and sanitation than the local middle school regardless of covid.

      Now if you continue reading beyond the question being asked of the MIT Medical experts, you will note the entire article strongly urges wearing of cloth masks and emphasizes these masks are to protect OTHERS not ourselves. They site several studies, both in the lab and real world examples which prove the efficacy of masks worn in normal every day situations.

      • How can a mask protect someone else but not yourself? If masks work why the shot? If the shot works why masks?

        • You are incredibly dense. Fans work to move air and cool a room to a degree. So why make air conditioners?

          Masks work in slowing the spread. It’s a tool that helps. It’s not THE answer. Vaccines are the best method but only if enough people get them or else variants like this pop up as the virus lives on in other hosts. Did you pay attention in science class?

          • Yes I paid attention in medical school when they told me N95 masks protect me from airborne droplets and surgical masks protect fluids from entering my nasal and mouth cavities. Never were we taught that my surgical mask would protect me or you from airborne droplets or aerosols that are smaller than the holes in the mask. I’m sticking with my medical knowledge and common sense while you stick with your fear mongering. Good luck to you.

  8. What a joke. Item was not on agenda. Board rules do not allow them to introduce a topic not on agenda and vote on it in same meeting. Based on the speakers it was clear that the weak were aware this was coming tonight…..does anyone in public education understand what a nanometer is and how masks have passaged 100x bigger than a virus. If masks work, why after 10 trillion dollars has the cdc not been able to produce one repeatable tesr on masks showing effectiveness. Because they cant. However there have been numerous reoeated scientific studies showing the effects of carbon dioxide poisoning as masks generate levels above osha limits.

    • Board policy does not allow a new policy to be added to agenda and voted on during same meeting HOWEVER board policy also states that it is allowed when circumstances require immediate approval. This required immediate approval.

  9. This item was not on agenda. County board rules dictate you cannot discuss a new topic and vote on it in the same meeting.

  10. Please tell me when the CDC could make laws? The CDC is being criticized every where, if you choose to listen. There are doctors are both sides of this issue. This is money and politics at its finest!

    • There are doctors on one side and a eye doc named Rand Paul on the other. I think I will go with the physicians.

  11. Sessoms is up for reelection next year….REMEMBER. The others are up in 2024 so we are stuck with Andrew’s and Carroll until then unfortunately. I think I put my vote for Carroll as a regret more than my vote for Mitt Romney.

        • Would you please identify your practice? I think your patients would like to know your attitude toward vaccines. I would like to know where you went to medical school as well. Show us why your opinions are credible.

  12. I was extremely disappointed in the board’s decision to reverse their decision. For a few days I was so proud of the boards majority taking a stand and giving parents the choice. But then the pressure got to big and someone caved.
    How ironic it is that the board member who made the motion to require mask owns a pharmacy. He said he believes in the science but yet he only repeats the science that he believes in. For every opinion like Mr. Carrols there is another opinion from another doctor that says otherwise. However these Differing, educated, scientific, tested opinions are squashed by the majority of the media so it is actually hard to find.
    How about natural immunity? How safe are the vaccines since they have not actually been fda approved? Some studies show those who have been vaccinated are much more likely to carry more of the virus and therefore spread it more readily. And by the way if you have had covid please do not get the vaccine. Do your research. It’s still proven that this does not harm youth any more than the flu and probably less. I and my family have had covid and was nothing but a bad cold. The flu was much worse but no one ever mentions that anymore.
    Yes it can be serious and I personally know of these cases. However in the grand scheme of things is it greater than the flu, child depression or most importantly raising our kids to wear something over their faces like they are second rate humans or animals. They can’t talk, respond or express their feelings with one of these things on. Would you put one on your dogs or cats face all day? So ironic how people who vote for these laws and rules don’t actually follow them in their personal life.
    And mask? Mr. Carroll sited science to back mask up. Well I can pull up multiple respiratory doctors who can dispute his claim that mask are not an effective tool against this.
    So it basically boils down to who’s science you believe. A pharmacist who benefits from the giving out vaccines and medications daily? Maybe he is right. I wear mask occasionally for my job and there are only very few(high priced and not used by public) that will even filter out scents and virus particles.
    However that is a mute point. We as parents and most importantly citizens of the USA should have a right to choose whether we want to cover up our beautiful kids smiles, teeth, expressions and words that they now are reluctant to share because they have something over their precious face that makes no scientific reason at all.
    This is a very crucial age for them. It seems stupid that we are protecting them from something that does not harm them. Yes. I understand there are exceptions and there are exceptions with everything in life. Choice and personal freedom is so prevalent in today’s society, I just wonder why it’s not an option in this situation. I know why, I just hope everyone else realizes why before it’s too late.
    Please remember how these board members have voted in such an important issue once elections come around. I am not doubting how they feel or their intentions but you really have to look at the bottom line which is their vote. Don’t let the public health argument fool you. If you don’t think these kids aren’t already together in a close environment you are wrong. Unless you have not lived in a vacuum you have either been exposed, been vaccinated, or had covid.
    Please quit being so scared of the covid shadow and let’s get on with our lives. It’s like the flu, it’s not going away so let’s resume IN FULL classes, ball games, proms, dances, family reunions without mandates and restrictions by a handful of people who often times are scared to make a stand because of public and media pressure.
    Thanks so much for the 3 board members who stood their ground. Please remember them next election.

  13. I’m pretty sure the “E” in BOE stands for “Emasculation”.

    Just in case my previous comment isn’t approved by moderation. 🤭😂😜

  14. The board is to be commended for doing the right thing . Mask requirement can be revisited when things improve. I really believe if wearing masks was voluntary that children in our school system were going to get the Delta variant and someone would end up dying. Four adults that we knew personally in our small part of the County contracted the Delta variant and died. The scary part is all four were fully vaccinated. I hate masks as much as anyone but if it saves the life of one school kid then the masks were worth it .

    • That’s because the vax is the delta variant! Don’t get the shot, take your masks off and stand up to the tyranny!

    • You do realize that there is NO test to detect delta variant. Delta is being used to scare you. If you can’t see what is being done to businesses and forcing you to take the jab then you are truly lost.

    • The scary part is that they and so many others are taking the shot. The science on mRNA jabs has shown that all the test animals they used these things on died later…..ALL. Pfizer nullified their control group in the jab trials….eliminated any comparison of if the thing actually worked. Do any of you wonder why? How about this massive push to put everyone on the jab that has not been proven and does not have any comparison to whether it actually works? Jen below has it right at least in part…the jab decreases your body’s ability to fight off corona type viruses so you have a much greater chance of adverse results. This Delta scariant probably doesn’t even exist either….did you ever wonder how they are “detecting” it while still having the same old PCR test that the CDC says does not work? People are just not asking enough questions and being skeptical of the quick answers.

      • It’s also incredibly insane that so many people got the first smallpox vaccine. All of them are now dead. ALL.

      • Weird how everyone I know who got the jab is still alive and well….

        Can you share a link so we can see all this uncommon knowledge you have that no one else does?

        Weird that Pfizer would want to put out a mRNA jab it knows will kill everyone and then try to get everyone to take it. Cleary a money grab. But that begs the question, when they get all the money but everyone is dead in the world…where will they spend said money? What a terrible master plan.

        Stranger still, Trump himself got the vaccine…he had to know the dangers in it right? Why would he knowingly inject himself with something lethal? Or maybe he got a fake one just to fool us all? Is he in on the scheme? So many questions.

  15. One thing we can agree on is that we have differing opinions. Another truth is that people who prefer masks are willing to sacrifice for the good of all and we cannot say that for the others.

    • …people who prefer masks are willing to submit to nonsensical control without questioning….

      There, fixed it for you. Everything else in the comment is pretty much correct.

  16. Good. It’s dumb of them to even have open house without any covid protocols. There’s going to be outbreaks before school even starts.

    • … mass non-compliance is why we’re in this situation. So – no – that is not the solution. That is digging a deeper hole.

      • Mass non-compliance? 70% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Well above what was required for herd immunity. And all this for what end? The vaxxed are still getting infected and are super spreaders, infecting those of us normal people who choose not to be apart of some government mandated investigatory vaccine.

        And yeah, I said we’re the normal ones because that crap you put in your body wasn’t even FDA approved, it STILL isn’t. Normal people don’t do that. Put untested and unapproved government mandated drugs into our bodies.

        Stop being weird. Snap out of it. If you can’t recognize China is responsible then that “vaccine” you took must be messing with your brain and cognitive function.

        • Facts aren’t your stronger suit. 50.3% of all Americans are fully vaccinated. 59.1% have at least one shot. Maybe this is a small detail to you, but misconstrued details are why we struggle to agree on actual facts.

          Numbers went down once the vaccine rolled out but now are spiking because of hold outs and us not achieving herd immunity.

          These are not difficult concepts to understand.

          • Please tell me the definition of herd immunity before 2020? I’ll give you a hint, it included people who have had a sickness. CDC changed the definition to only those who were vaxxed to meet their agenda. Why change a long standing definition?

      • That’s ENTIRELY incorrect. The virus has mutated to become vaccine resistant and into variants. So, you could say “compliance” has worsened the situation. Many hospitals are reporting up to 95% of COVID Delta patients are fully vaccinated. Masks simply don’t stop the virus from being contracted, or spread. There are also plenty of scientists who, are not tied financially to pharmaceuticals, grants, research, etc., standing in opposition to the “science” of mask and vaccine fearmongering.

  17. I find it insane how divided we have become. I don’t know what it will take for us to return to believing in America and the “American way” but I don’t see how it will end “______ly” (insert graceful, peaceful, happy, quiet etc) It will get ugly, before it gets better. Neither side will budge on any topic

    no mask, no closing ANYTHING, my 2 cents

    • The “American Way” is mass exploitation, colonialism, genocide, racism, and an overall preference for power for the few and let the rest fall where they may.

      So… maybe “the American Way” isn’t all that.

  18. It is also funny that Todd stopped the woman in public comments talking about a BOE member BUT when then other man got up there and talked about Ronald he didn’t say a word and allowed that. Todd doesn’t like Ronald cause Ronald stands up for the citizens. Although he didn’t say Ronald’s name he was VERY clear on who it was.

    This board is a joke. We need NORMAL citizens up there. Young Mom and Dads who are involved in the public school system and volunteer. Not these people who just want to get attention.

    I could care less about the masks either way. It won’t last. Everyone will be back home before you know it. It’s a sad day in time we live in. This whole world is falling apart.

    IF the BOE is requiring students to wear masks inside they BETTER have one on at the next meeting themselves !!! LEAD BY EXAMPLE !!!!!!!!

    • You are correct! We need people invested in schools on the board. That means Mike Wooten, Ronald “I wanna be sheriff” Johnson, and Todd “who?” Sutton need to go. We need to replace them with people who are actually good for our schools and not their super right-wing bases.

  19. Why do we even have a school board? Can’t we just make a proposition to follow whatever Wake County does? We can get ride of the school board and save the Johnston County taxpayer a bunch of money. They never make decisions what’s in the best interest or what the citizens of Johnston County want, they just do whatever Wake County does. Less than two weeks ago they decided to give the parents a choice. Then in less than a week after Wake County mandates mask, guess what Johnston County mandates masks! I am very disappointed in our school system. The problem is that our children and their generation are going to be less prepared for life and suffer for our incompetence.

  20. The board broke the rules in this matter. Imagine my shock to find this out. NOT… it’s par for the course for those traitors on the board.

  21. Well of course they did. Midterms are in 15 months. Keep that fear level elevated to maintain mail in ballots. I have to wonder what caused them to change their mind in a matter of hours. When I heard the first decision I thought finally we have a board that has some sense. They aren’t following science because this aint it. How long are they going to keep this nonsense going because like the flu, each year there is going to be a new strain. Pay attention people. Please.

  22. With me it’s not so much about the masks, it’s about the board member changing their vote after less than two weeks. I’ll vote against all current board members.

    • At least they could recognize a mistake and were smart enough to fix it rather than put people at risk simply to stand by a bad initial decision. I will give credit for having the ability to correct a wrong.

      • “Mistake…risk…fix…?” How is that? There is NO “science” to support masks, or vaccines for children.

  23. Sad that parents are clueless on the immunity systems of their children. Then again it appears people worry more about quick fixes that permanent solutions.

  24. This will be the hill I die on….I’m asking us all to stand united against these tyrants and fight back starting with the board member who kicked started this motion.

  25. What recourse do we have since this item was not on the agenda and therefore illegal to be voted on.

    this form of tyranny did not allow for anyone opposing to comment. Those that did comment were planning to be there to petition without it being on the agenda. No chance for those against masks to be present.

  26. All you people need to realize, there are parents that send their children to school sick because they have a lack of sense and respect! Those children in their mask will protect your child, which in turn will protect your families. The BOE made the right choice! Have you looked at what the other county’s are doing? Have you gotten on your computers and looked at what Covid is doing to our entire Nation? And for all of you saying it’s the Government! I guess we have National Government Collision 🤣
    I’ve had my vaccination, call me stupid if you want. I’ve also never dropped my mask when I’m out in public. I don’t consider myself a “sheep”, I consider myself a compassionate person.
    While I am not a scientist by any means, in fact I am far from their intelligence! My heart can’t fathom the pressure, the hours, the passion, the failures, and the success they are facing every day. Myself, I will celebrate when Covid days are over.
    Being vaccinated, I am fully aware that I can still get the varient and I can pass the varient. I may not even know that I have it, but with my health, I feel that I will fair better than without the vaccine. I had no side effects from the vaccine, unless a sore arm is a side effect 🤣 I also realize that I may need a booster shot for which another sore arm is no problem. My decision, my choice.
    I also got all my vaccinations before I went to school many years ago. The Polio vaccine is one that left a round mark on my arm. Which brings to mind, History! How awesome would it be for our children be taught about the History of all the diseases and pandemics of the past!
    Maybe our BOE, teacher’s, and Principals will make a point to start 2021 school year out with History lessons in every grade!
    Just think, they can come home and educate all the families of school aged children!
    As for me, I will do whatever I need to do from infecting another person. And I will pray morning and night for all the people that I don’t know that are suffering from Covid, the Varient, our Healthcare workers, our Scientist, and our USA 🙏🇺🇲

    • I believe you will find that smallpox vaccine gave you that round scar. Polio vaccine was administered on a sugar cube as I recall. But you got the reasoning right, for sure.

    • I love how you conveniently forget the number of years, decades of research that into creatjng those vaccines. 🥤

      It’s like you goose-stepping gubment knob gobblers conveniently forgot……

      • I guess you forgot technology and advancements are better today than decades ago. It used to take people months to travel from Europe to North America. Now we can do it in hours, yet we don’t question if it’s real or some conspiracy.

        The world changes. Improvements happen. We get smarter. Well at least some do.

  27. It was not illegal for them to introduce the mandate and vote on it in the same meeting according to a full read of board policy 2330. It was perfectly legal.

  28. JoCo Report: I believe that you would raise the level of discourse in Comments if you required full names. Anonymity brings out the folks who really have nothing to say.

  29. It’s scary how some parents won’t put a mask on their child to protect the child and others, but will but them in a car seat and a seat belt with no issues. HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  30. This is completely asinine, and your “science” does NOT support masking or vaccinating children. Our children need to see the facial expressions of other children and adults. They are already suffering enough without this board adding to their stress, depression, etc. because of pressure from activist teacher’s unions. JoCo has already lost 6% enrollment rate to the 5,700+ registered private, charter, homeschools in the county. At a ~$10k-$13k the schools receive PER CHILD, our schools are already losing $9.7 Million. Congratulations…y’all just drove that figure higher, as many parents, such as myself, WILL be disenrolling from our local public schools.

  31. They are so scared of kids missing school or getting covid but do not care at all about the permanent brain damage done to young kids whose oxygen is deplete by wearing a mask all day. That damage is irreversible!! We are choosing to harm all students so that some don’t get sick. Obviously our population is already so dumbed down that we have these fools on our school board. Let’s not make it worse. Get your kids away from these idiots!!

    • TT
      The air we breathe is only 21% oxygen and of that 21% oxygen 15% expelled when a person exhales. So I don’t know where you’re getting the brain damage information from when the average person only uses 6% of the oxygen in the air we breathe. Maybe you should fact check the information you’re reading.

  32. Please join myself along with 100’s of others at the Clayton Park on Amelia Church Rd tomorrow Saturday the 14th at 9 AM where we will be having a rally of sorts with information and answers on what we can do as parents for our children if you disagree with this decision. There will be multiple speakers and real information including Dr input, attorney involvement with a class action lawsuit, and schooling options for your children.

      • Why should they, they are in fresh air. Last I checked fresh air and sunshine are good for your body and help build your immune system. Oh wait science says we don’t have immune systems anymore, my bad!

  33. It doesn’t take a very good detective to smell a rat in the house. You can keep telling yourself it’s about public health if that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

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