Police Investigating Substitute Teacher At South Smithfield Elementary

SMITHFIELD – A second school employee at South Smithfield Elementary School is under police investigation for allegedly assaulting a student. The incident was reported May 13th to Smithfield Police.

Police confirmed they are investigating allegations a substitute teacher physically struck a child while in a classroom at the school on May 13. The incident was reported to police by Principal Susan Jones.

On May 10, The Johnston County Report published a story about the alleged assault of a 4 year-old student multiple times by the same teacher at the same school. The incident was witnessed by a South Smithfield Elementary school employee December 17, 2021 and reported to administrators that same day. It took 56 days before the assault was reported to police. School officials then withheld information and refused to cooperate with the police investigation. The teacher resigned but was later charged by police with assault.

In the May 13 incident, the assault was reported within 4 hours. Police said the substitute teacher is accused of slapping an elementary student in the arm. At last check, no charges had been filed.

Johnston County Public Schools released a statement to The Johnston County Report. The statement read, “Johnston County Public Schools takes any allegations of staff misconduct seriously. Although we cannot discuss the specifics of an investigation into alleged staff misconduct, we can confirm that whenever such allegations arise, our administration responds swiftly, by investigating the allegations and, sometimes, by removing staff from classrooms pending completion of a thorough review. Beyond that, the school system is not at liberty to provide additional information.”  


  1. When are the citizens and parents of Johnston County going to accept the fact that when you enroll your child in the JCPS they become thier assets to do with as they please. I know the parents are doing thier best to flip this school board, but your kid’s literally may not make it to November?

    • It’s been reported that Another person in the same school was caught shaking a kid and cussing at the kid Why has this not came out yet

  2. When you pay less than everybody else and treat their employees so terribly, you aren’t going to attract the best quality. Johnston County is getting what they deserve. Keep that dogma going!

    • Mr. or Ms. Joyce Junior, you are saying everyone on the lower end of any pay scale is of a lesser human quality? Perfect example folks of how a Socialist-Democrat really thinks of you common folks.

      • Uhh terry? I think I made it clear despite your attempt to put words in my mouth. Paying less and imposing extra duties doesn’t attract and retain top quality.

        • I get what you are saying. I also know for sure better pay is gonna attract better teachers that care. Not saying these teachers don’t but with the low pay and struggles at home you never know what mood their in

  3. If children aren’t receiving proper and loving discipline at home, then the world is going to do it on its own terms. Parents, do you wanna raise your kids, or do you want the world to do it for you?

    • Victim blaming. Nice.

      So if you act like an a**hole in public, I can hit you? Because obviously you weren’t raised properly at home.

      • As much as liberals would love to live in a world where all their bad choices come with zero bad consequences, it remains a fact that sometimes “victim blaming” means “take some responsibility for your actions.” I know “responsibility” is a dirty word to liberals.

        Example: I go walking through the ghetto waving hundred dollar bills around and I end up getting shot/stabbed and robbed. Did I deserve to get shot or stabbed? No. Should the perp be held criminally responsible for his actions? Yes. Do I share in the responsibility of what happened to me by my stupid decision? Absolutely.

        Not necessarily addressing this particular case which actually sounds like abuse rather than discipline. I just hate the modern word and concept known as “victim blaming.” Guess what, bud. Decisions have consequences. Just like liberals want consequence free sex so they have their unborn child murdered. Consequences.

        • Not really. If you walk through the streets waving $100 bills around and get stabbed you didn’t use the best judgement however you didn’t deserve being stabbed. The victim is still the victim. The consequences weren’t in line with the action. Thus we punish the criminal who stabbed. The victim in this made up case used pour judgement,
          However we all agree in our society that it isn’t appropriate to stab someone for waving money around. So the person at fault is the stabbed. Not the money waver. Pretty cut and dry. Do better. Don’t stab people. That’s what we are demanding of society by punishing the stabbed and not the money waver. Victim blaming is wrong. A girl wears a short skirt doesn’t mean she deserves a sexual assault. That’s some fundamentalist stuff the taliban would agree with you on.

          Bringing abortion into this discussion is interesting as well. Nothing is absolute. If a 13 year old is raped by a relative, should she have to carry the baby and give birth? If a woman with a serious health issue becomes pregnant and the pregnancy is life threatening to her, should she be forced to risk her life?

          The world is not black and white. The problem with politics today is that everything is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and there is no room for context or nuance. It’s broad brushes across the board. We appear to not have the will to dig deeper and have a more intelligent and informed conversation about issues.

          To the original point of these comments – what happened at the school is abuse. Someone appeared to blame the parents of a 4 year old for the fact a teacher hit the child. That’s stupidity.

          • Your first paragraph shows you either didn’t take the 30 seconds to read what I wrote or that your reading comprehension needs a bit of tuning up. You basically said the same thing I did and then pretended I said the opposite. Try again.

            “Deserve” is a term denoting just consequences for an action. “Responsibility” is a term denoting a correlative link between action/result.

      • idk…in your hypothetical situation, are you my father? If so, you have a right to effectively discipline me. If you don’t and I’m acting like a horrible child, then YOU are to blame.

        Instead of blaming me for victim blaming (ironic ain’t it?), lets stay on topic and keep the ad homs to a minimum please.

  4. Fair enough. We are splitting hairs, I guess I just objected to the idea of victim blaming being “ok”. While a victim may share some responsibility because decisions perhaps provoked something, a victim shouldn’t be blamed for what happens is more of my thought. Waving money around, while perhaps not the most responsible idea, should not result in bodily harm or a criminal act being committed. That’s all I’m saying. But rereading your post I can agree, you used “sometimes” as a qualifier and I ignored that. My bad.

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