Section Of Pondfield Road Will Be Getting New Name

Johnston County officials have approved the renaming of a state maintained road near Princeton.

No one spoke during a public hearing on the renaming request on August 7th.

The NC Department of Transportation is completing safety improvements on US 70 near Princeton. Once completed, the work will separate Pondfield Road.  A different name was needed for the new segment so that new 911 addresses can be assigned for emergencies.

The Princeton Fire Department had already expressed concerns regarding two road segments with the same name.

Johnston County Commissioners approved a recommendation from the Homeowners Association of Lakeview Estates to rename the segment south of US 70 as Shoreline Drive. The segment north of US 70 will remain Pondfield Drive.

Letters will go out before the end of the month alerting homeowners who will be impacted by the new road name. The new Shoreline Road name will be used starting in September.