Senator Brent Jackson: No Connection To Lindberg

Says check was not solicited

A local state senator says he has no direct connection to the man who has been indicted on bribery and wire fraud charges in connection with campaign contributions.

State Sen. Brent Jackson, who serves Sampson and Johnston counties, received a $5,200 donation from Greg Lindberg following a 2017 campaign function. The senator said he had no idea Mr. Lindberg had made any donation until he found the check.

In a Friday statement, Sen. Jackson claimed to have never met Mr. Lindberg and said he has no personal connection to him.

“I have never seen Mr. Lindberg in person nor have I ever had any correspondence with him in the past,” Sen. Jackson said. “Regarding the check specifically, my campaign was having a fundraising dinner one night and when we went through the checks, there was a check in there from him. Mr. Lindberg had not personally attended that event and I have never had any contact with him whatsoever.”

Mr. Lindberg was recently indicted along with former North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes on federal bribery charges. Mr. Lindberg is accused of trying to bribe Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to reduce regulatory oversight of his insurance companies, and Mr. Hayes is accused of helping to facilitate the bribes.

Sen. Jackson was among a list of recipients of more than $6 million in campaign contributions by Mr. Lindberg and his associates, family and friends.

The check was given to Sen. Jackson’s campaign in September 2017. It was one of the $5.5 million in donations attributed to Mr. Lindberg in documents obtained by The Daily Record from the state board of elections and provided by the group Democracy North Carolina.

He donated heavily to former Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and the campaign of current Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, an announced Republican gubernatorial candidate.

The same records also indicate he has contributed to both the Democratic and Republican parties in North Carolina and has been given credit for soliciting donations.

-Dunn Daily Record